Thanksgiving Wallpaper Android App Review & Problems

Thanksgiving is not too far away now and many phone users have been searching for ‘Thanksgiving Wallpaper’, well we found one you may like.

Before we start, if you have this Android app already installed onto your handset would you please send in your personal reviews and opinions as to what you think of it, that would be great if you could do that for us.

Anyway, after visiting AppBrain we found ‘Thanksgiving Wallpapers’ for Android devices, this is a free app that clearly loves to say “Happy Thanksgiving!” it contains fantastic wallpapers that everyone should fall in love with.

Wallpapers include: Indian corn, pretty autumn, pumpkins and Turkeys, plus so much more. For more information and option to install please visit source above.

If you know of any Thanksgiving Wallpaper apps please do let us know what ones are the best. Thanks

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