Voting Locations by Zip Code: Is There an App for That?

There are many apps out there on the market and today we are asking readers to let us know what the best app is for Voting Locations by Zip Code.

We have already mentioned today about VoterHub iPhone app that has many features such as the new poll location interface, polling location information and so much more, for more information about this app please visit here.

You have the Democratic Party of Georgia 2010 Candidate Slate app where you can find information for their statewide candidate slate and locations for each of the 3,000+ polling locations in Georgia, main features include Search for polling locations by county or precinct, GPS to 3000+ polling locations in Georgia and much more, please visit iTunes for more information

If you know of any other App being it for the iPhone, Android etc please do let us know what they are and where we can get them from, this will also help other readers decide what app is best for them. Thanks

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