Windows Phone 7 Samsung Focus Running Netflix: Video

Over in Canada they have the Samsung Focus as their Microsoft Windows Phone 7 smartphone and Netflix has now announced their application is free to download, and thus we have some video footage of the Netflix app running on the Samsung Focus for your viewing pleasure.

The Samsung Focus toting the Netflix app video comes our way courtesy of Ian Hardy over at Mobile Syrup and delivers just over three minutes of Netflix playing nice on the Samsung Focus WP7 device.

When you download the free Netflix app you will be required to hand over your credit card details for a 30-day trial of the app, after which will set you back a subscription free of $7.99 per month to stream movies to your Windows Phone 7 handset.

However for that monthly charge you can apparently stream as many movies as you wish to your smartphone. Anyway enough of that as I know all you want to do is head on down to hit that play button and check out Netflix on the Samsung Focus…enjoy.

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