3M MPro120 Pocket Projector: Great For Smartphone Viewing

Now if you would love a very good accessory that will work with smartphones then you should check out the cool 3M MPro120 Pocket Projector.

This projector is fantastic because it will work with laptops, Macintosh computers, speakers, headphones, PCs, ultra mobile PCs, and Macintosh laptops, obviously all we are focusing on is the fact you can connect your smartphone to the device and view via a projector.

Main Specifications Include: Projects images from 8” to 50” diagonal on almost any wall, Images can be displayed on-the-fly from computers or mobile devices including MP3 players or iPods, smartphones and digital cameras, Built-in speakers provide sound, energy-saving LED light lasts 20,000 hours, Includes cables, a protective bag, re-chargeable battery, table-top tripod and an international power adapter, Plug and play technology, Up to 4 hours battery life and so much more.

Just so you know in advance, you will have to buy other cables separately if you wish to connect to digital media players, iPhones and iPods etc.

The 3M MPro120 Pocket Projector is only $129.99 and can be purchased via woot.com; please let us know what you think of this product if you already own it. Thanks.

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