Do You Like Facebook See Friendship or is it stalking? Vote

Facebook is the ultimate social networking site and is getting busier and more used everyday and with that new features are being added quite often, this time round it is about Facebook’s new “see friendship” feature.

Facebook See Friendship is an addition you will either love or hate, some have even called it stalking so to speak. It basically takes over the old wall-to-wall and on your page it will show people you have visited or who have visited you.

In a nutshell pictures will be added on your wall and pulls up any posts you have written on anyones walls, pictures you have tagged and of course events you and others like and attended.

You can even browse other friendships of other people; they do have to be on your friends list though. This is simply a new feature that organizes a different way according to ShinyShiny.

We have started a poll below and would love for you to vote, read the question then tick the relevant fields. Thanks. We would love for you to answer in the comments area if you think this is social networking at it’s best.

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