Portland Mobile’s Urban Airship Gains Huge Funding Boost

So what is Portland Mobile’s Urban Airship? Well Urban Airship is back-end tech which enables mobile app developers to push notifications along with in-app purchases and other stuff, and last year the raised $1.1 million in funding.

Well according to an article over on The Portlander and by way of Tech Crunch, Urban Airship has now announced they have raised a huge funding boost to the tune of a whopping $5.4 million.

According to Tech Crunch: “Urban Airship [….] has closed a new $5.4 million funding round. The Series B round is being led by Foundry Group, with existing investors True Ventures and Founders Co-op also participating. Foundry Group’s Managing Director Jason Mendelson will be joining Urban Airship’s board.”

Basically what Urban Airship does is make that “ding” happen to let you know when an application on your Android device or iPhone handset receives a notification, so there you go and now you know.


One thought on “Portland Mobile’s Urban Airship Gains Huge Funding Boost”

  1. skyship007 says:

    Hi folks,
    5.4 million! Golly gosh, that is enough to buy a real airship. Why spend more money on encouraging our kids to fry their brain cells with more time on a mobile. Just buy a blimp and get them running round pulling on the ropes for some exercise.
    If you want a Helium sniffing laugh try http://www.hybridblimp.net the worlds only lighter than air comedy web site.
    Regards JB ( http://www.hybridairship.net )

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