Skyfire iPhone App: Flash Download Back in Store

SkyFire iPhone app was released and then it went AWOL and now it is back, the new application that allows you to convert Flash content into HTML5 is back again and we would like for you to send in your reviews.

The app was removed from the App Store because the company said that the bandwidth was costing a fortune, basically the servers could not handle the immense demand but things are a lot better now, which means you can download again.

Main SkyFire Features Include: Play millions of Flash videos, Share via Facebook and Twitter, All-new ‘Skybar’ toolbar gives one-click access to video and related content, Video search, with safe search option helps you quickly find videos about your favourite topic, ‘Desktop’ option loads pages as on a desktop browser, giving a greater selection of video (vs. mobile sites), Unique Facebook ‘Quickview’ allows you to see your wall and feeds with one click, Click the ‘Explore’ button for related videos, news trends, photos and tweets, Standard browser elements: Tabs, search, sharing, bookmarks, history, etc and Browse with no history and cookies left behind.

SkyFire is being released in batches, you can get app via iTunes for £1.79 ($2.99). Have you installed yet? If so please send in your personal reviews. Thanks


6 thoughts on “Skyfire iPhone App: Flash Download Back in Store”

  1. Meaty says:

    Had my Iphone for a week after supposedly upgrading from N97, it's the biggest bag of shit I've come across Steve Jobs is a wanker and I'm sending it back. No FLV player wtf is wrong with that Jobs asshole, and then to only release Skyfire in the US is just bullshit, the apps should be global. I want to take my phone and ram it up his I-Ass

  2. FlyingGoose says:

    I’m in the uk, but also have a US iTunes store account and lucky enough to have downloaded it.

    Skyfire is a good web browser, but every web page that I visit with flash video the app don’t support 🙁 so unfortunately I’m only going to give it a 3/10.

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