Crack the COD Black Ops Ultimate Utility iPhone App

If you like many of us is going to get the new Call of Duty Black Ops game when it releases you really should get the COD Black Ops Ultimate Utility iPhone App.

The reason we say crack is because you should crack on and get your bottoms over to iTunes and download it because this is an amazing app that is a MUST, it has so many features and is one of the best Strategy and reference guide for use with Call Of Duty.

Main features Include: Complete Reference Guide gives you all the information on killstreaks, weapons, attachments, perks and maps of Black Ops. It has an Advanced Stats Calculator, built-in buttons to send e-mails to your friends with your K/D ratio or the number of achievements/trophies that you have unlocked. It also comes with a PWN Box, HD Videos, Theatre Mode Compatible, Unlockables Checklist, News, User Polls and much more.

The Black Ops Ultimate Utility also has new features recently added that includes: New Icon, Added Achievements, Added Reticles, Added Face Paint, New Artwork, Revised K/D Calc, Added Camos and Added ability to track unlocks such as killstreaks, perks, attachments, and achievements.

Are you sure you want to miss out on this app? Of course you do not so get on over to iTunes for more information. Please do let us know why you want this game, any questions you have about the game please use the comments area provided below. Thanks


2 thoughts on “Crack the COD Black Ops Ultimate Utility iPhone App”

  1. tohottie25 says:

    Does anyone know when CODblackops is being released for the iphone? it's November 9th TODAY and i want this game for my phone so bad, i hate when apple lags on this ish.

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