Would You Pay for iOS, Android OS Software Updates?

Smartphones are getting smarter and software is getting even clever with new features to give you the best possible interactivity with your device, today we will chat about iOS and Android OS.

The next update installment for Apple devices like the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch for example will be iOS 4.2 and Android will have Gingerbread, we know that updates are coming in more often than ever lately and this is down to new enhancements, new features and of course bug fixes.

We will not make this long and boring because the title question is self-explanatory really, at the moment all updates are free and we need never pay for iOS and Android updates but do you think one day these big companies will charge us.

It is obvious to us that they should always be free, but how long will it take to realize that big companies could potentially earn a fortune by charging for operating systems on mobile phones or would it in the companies best interest to keep them free all the time?

Please do let us know what you think; we know the above is not news but merely a quick question and a place for you to have your say. Would You Pay for iOS, Android OS Software Updates?


7 thoughts on “Would You Pay for iOS, Android OS Software Updates?”

  1. Jim Graham says:

    I feel that do to the close competition between IOS and Android devices; it would be very risky to alienate users by charging for something that has historically been free. Especially were only one company charge for periodic updates. It wouldn’t take much to send disillusioned users to a competitors platform.

  2. willy says:

    Asking this question doesn't even make sense. Android and the Google model makes profit from people being online using Google services. Providing free gmail is a small overhead cost to ensure people will be online usingusing Google services. The same is true with android, which is why Google is offering it for 'free' to hand set makers. Same is true for iPhone. That is why apple is using a similar model – gain money through advertising. The real question might be if windows or RIM started to charge – they (for now) have add free models and more secure enterprise operating systems for businesses. But apple and android will catch up mighty fast …

  3. Marc T says:

    Although a big fan of Apple, I do think they should get things right first time. I had an iPhone 3G which I updated to os 4 earlier this year. It was slow and very frustrating. So much so, I couldn’t wait to get an iPhone 4. If this update was paid for I would have asked for my money back. Then there’s the upcoming fix for the alarm clock. I certainly wouldn’t pay for that.

    I welcome os updates as they can breathe a new lease of life into a device I would normally discarded after 12 months. Just as long as they are free!

  4. itjonny says:

    Companies charging for OS updates, is akin to a Car Manufacturer charging for a recall on a faulty part, the reason the updates are free is that the OS was flawed in the first place.

    The companies know they can't go down this route as they'd be slapped for so many lawsuits, plus in some countries such as the UK they could face giving refunds under the sales of goods act.

  5. Gus says:

    Apple recovers their investment by selling apps. They get a 30% cut from all the app sales. Therefore, it’s for their benefit to make the iOS more compatible, free of bugs and to introduce more features, API’s, etc on every software update, for free. Apple has established one of the best business models in history. That’s why they are the number one company these days.

  6. Kaffeguy says:

    The operating system is free. The phone manufacturer does not pay for the software as if it were Windoe's based or Symbian based. Updates and versions should be free of charge. I for myself am one that gets a new smart phone every two years or thereabouts. It would be not be of any benefit to charge customers for upgrades of the OS since the technology and form of telephones change. People will continue to buy smart phones every 2 to three years or less. I don't know how Apple deals with, their iOS but as mentioned above Google makes its' billions of advertisers.

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