Apple iOS 4.2 Release: Dev Apps Need to be Ready

Apple iOS 4.2 release is closer than you think seeing as Apple is reminding all developers to have their apps ready for the new update, so devs are they ready?

An email that has been sent out to developers states that they are reminded to get all their apps ready for the coming soon iOS 4.2, at the moment the latest update is iOS 4.2 GM (Gold Master) and it will be in the hands of the public very soon indeed (Hopefully this week).

The new software update will be for the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and new apps will have exciting features in iOS 4.2, and these features include the following:

The New Features: Multitasking services allow your apps to perform tasks in the background including playing audio, push notifications, receiving location change events, and more. Game Center with Game Kit API, AirPrint for wireless printing and much more. See here

Developers should submit apps now for reviewing so they are ready when iOS 4.2 goes public; submit to iOS 4.2 SDK GM seed. Just a quick reminder that iOS 4.2 on the iPhone 3G apparently boosts the performance, read more about that here.

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