BlackBerry Monaco Storm 3 While Montana is Bold Touch Screen Device

The rumour mill keeps on churning especially when it comes to new smartphone from Research In Motion and we have a couple of rumours pertaining to two new BlackBerry devices for your consideration today.

According to an article over on Crackberry by Bla1ze and by way of BBLeaks, the old rumour of the BlackBerry Storm 3 pops up again, this time it appears that the BlackBerry Storm 3 has now gained an internal codename of Monaco.

The BlackBerry Storm 3 was rumoured a while ago to just be a refresh of the BlackBerry Storm 2, but apparently that is no longer true and there is a real BlackBerry Storm 3 on its way.

The second rumour doing the rounds centres around the BlackBerry 9900 Pluto, which apparently has now resurfaced with the codename Montana and is rumoured to be a BlackBerry Bold handset sporting a touch screen although as we have said all this is basically rumour and nothing has been confirmed.

Sowould you like to see a BlackBerry Storm 3 or would you prefer a new BlackBerry touch screen Bold to hit the mobile space?

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