Evernote App for Android Updated to 2.0

The note taking and archiving utility for the Android platform, Evernote has now updated their Android application to version 2.0. Evernote 2.0 does the same as the previous version such as record audio, shoot images, take notes, and access their archives, but the update includes several enhancements.

According to an article over on Mashable by Blake Robinson, the most substantial of the enhancements is to do with speed, and rather than downloading all of your notes the application caches all data about your notes.

Evernote 2.0 can now quickly locate any info that the user has stored on the service by indexing the national metadata such as titles, thumbnails and tags without the need to having to first access the Evernote servers.

The update also delivers a new search magnifying galls which enables the user to search via geodata taken near the user’s location, with the ability to search Evernote via the Android Google Search widget, and there are also offline notebooks for premium users. You can now grab Evernote 2.0 for Android by hitting up the Android Market.

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