Namco Bandai Windows Phone 7 Games: Top 5 Downloads

Windows Phone 7 is very hot at the moment and of course still fresh of the block so it only goes to question that many WP7 handset users will want some very cool games to play.

Well Namco Bandai is stepping up to the plate so you do not have to miss out and they have some very cool games for your device, they have revealed a few cool titles for Microsoft’s new mobile platform, some of these names on the list are already available on the Windows Marketplace Mobile.

The top 5 games for Windows Phone 7 includes Flight Control, More Brain Exercise, I Love Katamari, PAC-MAN and Puzzle Quest 2, these are awesome games that you should consider downloading. Please watch the demo video provided below.

Please let us know what game you would like to see on the Windows Phone 7 platform, for more information on the above news please visit IntoMobile.

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