Apple iPad iOS 4.2 Means Nothing If You Have Blowtorch

If you think the Apple iPad looks a little delicate with its design you would be mistaken, well unless you have a blowtorch to hand that is. No point downloading the new iOS 4.2 update if you decide to burn the device is there, oh you cannot anyway it is not out yet (Ouch bet that hurt).

Every time I pick up my Apple iPad I am scared of dropping it, scratching it and spilling things on it but we must remember it is durable to take a bit of a bashing.

Artist Michael Tompert is the king of Apple destruction and he destroys devices for art and he is bloody good at it, he says the iPad is nearly indestructible. He has tried to destroy the iPad with a sledgehammer but that took 10-times to do the job.

If you visit CultofMac you can see an awesome photo of the iPad after a blowtorch had its wicked way with it, quite shocking to see a sexy device all burnt, Tompert said for this amount of damage it took 15-minutes to get the job done. Now that is art!


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