Google Android YouTube Remote App Launched:Video

For all you Android fans out there who enjoy watching YouTube videos, Google has now released a new app for Android called YouTube Remote, and well the app name gives away what the application does, it’s a remote control for YouTube.

And we have a video demo of YouTube Remote for Android for your viewing pleasure today courtesy of Mobiputing which lasts almost four minutes and shows YouTube Remote playing nice and the Android Nexus One handset.

Actually the app is for YouTube Leanback which is the full screen version of YouTube that Google has launched for Google TV and media centre computers and with the app you fire it up on your Android device, log in with your YouTube ID and log in to YouTube Leanback on your Google TV or PC and your handset will auto-connect and you can browse and search for videos via your smartphone.

So without further ado head on down , mash that play button and check out Google YouTube Remote for Android, and if you happen to download and use the app available on the Android market for free but only in the US initially, then feel free to let us know how you get on…enjoy.

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