iPad 2 Release, Price, Hopeful Features: Round Up

There are many of you that would like to know more about the new upcoming Apple iPad 2 and we thought we would let you know a few things about it, of course these are iPad 2 rumours so take it with a pinch of salt.

This is one of the most anticipated devices that everyone is talking about, Steve Jobs is always slow of the mark to let us know what is real and what is not; you know like the white iPhone 4 that took its time releasing only never to be released, then we would like to know more about the Verizon iPhone, yet again we are still waiting.

Well to give you an idea Stuff Middle East got together all the rumours and evidence to bring us all the details we need, ok so please let us know what features it will have, let us know when it will be release and please do let us know what the price will be, ok then here goes.

The Apple iPad 2 will apparently have a 7-inch display, this is definitely not true, as Steve Jobs will never make it smaller than the current iPad, will it have front-facing camera for FaceTime? Well this is on the iPhone 4 so it is quite possible to see this happening, FaceTime went onto MacBooks and Desktop Macs so it only comes to reason to see it on the next addition iPad.

Retina display seems to be very good on the iPhone 4 but that is because the iPhone 4 has a small screen so to see retina display on the iPad may be a little crazy of an idea, if it does the iPad 2 price will be much more than the iPad 1.

Storage on the iPad 2 could release with up to 128GB, it could possibly feature micro mini USB port; now this one is doubtful considering Apple loves proprietary ports. Will the iPad 2 have dual docking? Not too sure if a second 30-pin port on its side is a good idea or not, but personally seeing as I own the iPad I would love to see the second connector port added.

How about the price then? Well price could be the same as the first iPad for the basic model, which will be around $500 US.

Come on give us a release date: If Apple sticks to its normal release dates of the first iPad you are looking at February or March 2011, personally we say a lot later than that considering they have a few other projects up their sleeve.

If you have heard more about Apple iPad 2 rumours and speculations please let us know.


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