iPhone iOS 4.2 November 24 Release Date Now Not 16th

Now this is all getting a little confusing when it comes to iPhone iOS 4.2 release date, so many dates have been put only like the November 7th, then the 9th, then it was the 12th then today we reported that it has been delayed and will release November 16, OH NO.

According to the Telegraph it is now November 24, ouch is the flipping answer to that one, remember the delay with the iPhone 4 in white only to be told it will not release at all, well is this the case with the iOS 4.2 update?

Ok all the dates of late have been rumours but we report what we hear just like everyone else does online because you never know, but the Telegraph is reporting the new November 24 release date.

Now make you own assumptions of when the iOS 4.2 will be with us all, the real date will come via Apple and only then will it be official. Talk about being a pain in the ass with all this waiting but as usual if you are waiting you have to do it patiently. We will keep you posted on this one; the real release date (The official one) will be made soon.

Source –iDB


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  1. nata says:

    apple suck ,sorry but this is not like you respect your clients, no one even give the respectable exponation about the i phone 4 white. Come on this is not exeptable.

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