Droid Pro by Motorola Problems and Reviews

The Droid Pro by Motorola is being talked about a lot at the moment and we would like to know a little more about this handset.

Last week Motorola announced the Motorola Droid Pro and that it is the first Android smartphone optimized for business use, the pricing with Verizon is $179.99 after a $100 mail-in rebate with a new two-year customer agreement, let us know if you can get it any cheaper.

Main Features Include: 1GHz processor, 5MP camera with flash and auto focus, Android 2.2, Adobe Flash Player 10.1, 3.1-inch capacitive touchscreen display and much more, check out the Droid Pro by Motorola being handled in a video.

Please let us know once you have got the Droid Pro as we would love to receive your reviews, we would also like to know if you have problems with the handset, soon as you have one let us know in the comments area below. Check out the Motorola website for more information.


43 thoughts on “Droid Pro by Motorola Problems and Reviews”

  1. I just got a new Droid Pro 2 days ago via preorder. This phone is a total piece of junk. The touch screen is extremely intermittent and even if you get it working by turning the unit off and on repeatedly until the touch screen responds, it only works for a few minutes. Then it stops functioning altogether. I'm going back to my Blackberry.

  2. Melissa says:

    I ordered the Droid Pro through the Verizon Wireless presale (for $129.99 after rebate and with 2 year contract). I received it on Friday, and so far, so good. Having found touch screens very awkward for typing, having the keyboard directly below the touch screen was one of the selling points for me. I do think it is a little awkward for typing when you hold the device, only because the keyboard is at the very bottom, making the device top-heavy. I have adjusted to it, and it's not really a problem once you get used to it. It has all the bells and whistles of past Droids, with the added bonus of luring Blackberry users to the other side. My one complaint would be that the call volume is on the low side and I have been told that callers cannot hear me as clearly as we would hope. Kind of disappointing that the only problem with this phone is, well, the phone…

  3. Anne-Marie says:

    I have had the Droid Pro for about a week now and I like the phone overall, although I am not as impressed as I thought I would be making the move from my Blackberry Curve. The keyboard is nice and similar to the blackberry, although I do the miss the number keys being in the 3×3 row rather than inline across the top. I agree with Melissa above about the call volume and clarity – I have been getting complaints from callers that they cannot hear me well. The main issue I would have to report is the battery life – I went to bed last night with the phone at about 50% and it was dead in the morning although I didn't use it all night. The battery does not last throughout the whole day and I have to charge it before going anywhere to make sure the phone isn't dying while I am out. The screen being smaller than the other droid models without the keyboard also leaves a little to be desired as you have to scroll a lot to see most webpages and emails with html even when holding the phone horizontally. Overall, the jury is still out for me – I am considering exchanging the Droid Pro in favor for the Blackberry Bold. Too bad Verizon doesn't have the Torch!

  4. CorporateUser says:

    Droid Pro contact sync with exchange through Activesync is does not work. Also the keyboard is awkward; you need one hand to hold the phone and one to type. Battery life is short. Performance seems sluggish compared to Incredible (odd, because they share a processor, I believe).

  5. J Price says:

    I brought this phone and have had problems since I brought it. My phone has had issues with: my contacts- they merged mysteriously and mixed peoples names and numbers including my own- somehow my number was stored and LOCKED under someone named Michelle. My facebook, twitter and all of my email accounts synced their contacts into my phone book and now I have a huge excess of contacts that I don't know or need. My phone froze on me while talking to customer services, amist trying to set up the different "profiles, which by the way are the worst idea ever. Coming from a BB, I am used to having one ring or vibrate for emails, twitter, text etc. but this phone makes you set a whole profile and screen set up for what should simply be loud, silent, vibrate (or work, home, whatever…).
    My emails come through extrememly slowly and my battery life is awful. It has been sometimes hard to text at night because my hardkey backlight only works when it wants too. The camera is grainy, no matter what I set it to and the screen is as well.
    All in all, the phone isn't worth it and I personally think it is because the phone is made by motorola which sucks.

  6. Droid Skeptic says:

    The voice dialing works intermittently AND the music playback shuts itself off after about 5 minutes. This is my THIRD Droid Pro. What a waste. They should have tested it for all the kinks before releasing it.

  7. I am a exchange business user and the droid pro does not sync contacts pictures with exchange. It will also not sync tasks correctly. You will need to use a third party app that cost another 20 dollars and then you will be able to see pictures of your contacts. But, if you add a picture to a contact it will not sync with your exchange. Email syncing is inconsistant and unrealiable when using the pre loaded email app supplied by motorola. I was waiting hours to get emails. Once the third party app was configured it worked better. The battery will not last near a day , this phone needs to be charged almost all the time. " I thought this was a wireless phone" Motorola should have addressed these type of simple issues and exchange issues before going to market and seeking Blackberry enterprise users. The key board was a big plus and that is why I gave the motorola droid pro a try. For business I am going back to my Palm pre plus. This goes back today!

  8. Tom H says:

    Just traded from HTC Ozone (Moto-Q Clone) to the new Droid Pro. Anxiously awaited the availability of the Droid Pro because of the dedicated keyboard, which I like but prefer the "bubble" keys of the HTC Ozone versus the Blackberry-style keys of the Droid Pro. Touch screen takes getting used to, but starting to figure it out. Battery life leaves much to be desired. It won't make it through a whole day on a single charge and I haven't even started travelling yet. This is a problem. I have also found that certain apps run very very slow. Had to use a static image for Wallpaper, as Live Wallpaper slows it down to a crawl. Launching Twitter causes the unit to completely shut off. Haven't figured that one out yet. As a pure business tool, I prefer the HTC Ozone.

    1. Tom H says:

      Okay, I have put a few weeks of use on my Droid Pro, and I like it much much more now. Once I got past experimenting with all the useless Apps that are available but unneccesary, my battery life has been much better. I love the Hotspot function when I am travelling. No more Boingo fees at airports when I need to use my laptop!

      1. Tom H says:

        This thing keeps shutting itself off when I try to launch applications. It takes about 3 – 4 times of it shutting down before I can get the Google Navigator (Map) function to actually launch. What is up with that?

  9. Melissa says:

    I have just purchased my Droid Pro…full retail….The only problem I am encountering is the small font size…I have tried everything to enlarge the font, to no avail. I loved my Droid X, but hated touch screen. I was very excited about this phone, it felt like Droid and Blackberry had a baby…best of both worlds, only if I could see it in bigger fonts…if anyone can advise how to make fonts bigger on text and email any help would be greatly appericated.

  10. Gilbert O'Sullivan says:

    i got mine four days ago through Amazon Wireless. Problems with battery from the beginning. Takes forever to charge then only lasts about two hours. Now the speakerphone is so bad i cannot use it.
    There are sending a replacement but do not hold much hope that it will be any better.

  11. brad says:

    Huge problem with battery life. Have apps killer so it isn't that. turned down screen brightness. nothing running. battery – with no talk and no text – is over half dead now after being charged all night. so with no talk/text the battery is half dead after about four hours. this is a joke.

  12. dwayne says:

    i just got mine today, and the contacts dont sync correctly and also there is major issues with the configuration on sync times. I cant seem to configure the sync interval, this shit sucks ass, i only got i because i thouhgt it would be a droidberry, but it sucks ass. If you just want to text, this seems fine, but they need to change this to the Droind Prosumer, this is definetly not a professional caliber phone. Do not buy this phone if you are a windows shop looking for active sync.

  13. Lou says:

    The Droid PRO is unacceptable for business users because, like all of Motorola's recent Droid phones, it does NOT reliably received pushed emails from a corporate Exchange email account on a timely basis. After a brief time, the phone stops synching and you will not receive another pushed email until you manually update your inbox. There are hundreds of complaints about this on Motorola's support forums. This is a known problem for the phone and Motorola continues to market them to business users. If you rely upon getting pushed emails quickly, do NOT buy this phone. For more info, see this thread on Motorola's forums with nearly 18,000 views and 400 posts: https://supportforums.motorola.com/thread/40791?t

  14. janelle says:

    I had my Droid Pro for a little over a week and then got a bootloader error…couldn’t turn my phone on. I had to take it back to the store and get a brand new phone. That was fun…currently the 2nd Pro charges up to 20 percent and stops. That just started today so now I have to go get this figured out

  15. guest says:

    Just got the Droid Pro last weekend. I had a blackberry curve before. I agree with a lot of previous comments. Battery is dead by 2pm and I don't use anything other than the phone and e-mail, no internet surfing! The volume control is useless on speakerphone. The screen shuts off contstantly although the setting says it's constantly on. The fastest the e-mail can push is every 15 minutes which is a long delay for business users. I find editing e-mails difficult as there is no arrow key,just a backspace. Overall, I'm going back to Blackberry.

  16. Dr Stanford N Gerber says:

    I have two problems…The battery life is Horrible….and the phone, with no help from me, turns the silent function on. Mystery at hand….Can anyone help

  17. Shelly says:

    I too crossed over from the Blackberry (Curve and Tour). I was excited to see the Droid Pro introduced. However, the same as all others, the battery life is horrible and I also have the task killer. My phone will charge all night (awaken in a couple hours, with fully charge notification), by 9 am .. the battery is completely dead and that's with NO usuage .. seriously! I've only had the phone for a few days, I'll give it a little more time .. but can't handle the poor battery.

  18. Jason says:

    I got the droid pro for about a week. I enjoyed it the first couple days then started turning off because the battery died. I will charge all night and unplug in morning and about 2 o’clock it would be 5%. I wouldn’t recommend this phone. I am returning this phone tomorrow and getting a blackberry bold.

    1. patti says:

      hi….funny you ask….i too had the same problem, called verizon, went to the store, and was told that the pro has no virtual keyboard…well, after looking at the phone and thinking it just doesn't make any sense that you can turn the phone horizontally but how would you then text???? So, I touch the screen where you would start typing and there it was!!!! The keyboard came up on the screen!!! You can have it numbers or letters by touching that key. Hope this helps!

  19. teresa says:

    My daughter got the Droid Pro for Christmas. Had problems with it randomly shutting down and the call quallity was terrible for the peron on the other end. Exchanged it for another Pro-call quality still horrible. It does help to take off the cover. Go figure that its the phone quality that is bad, We switched from ATT in hopes of better call quality. In this case it's worse.

  20. carolyn says:

    I have had my droid pro over a month. It has just recently started merging contacts with other peoples profiles/pictures. Example I was calling my husband it was his profile picture and contact information but somehow his contact mysteriously merged with my sons and it called him. This has happened a lot. This phone also wont send me my twitter messages. Very strange. I like the phone but there are some bugs that need to be worked out. Wouldn’t reccomend this phone untill they fix the issues.

  21. Patrick says:

    I just bought my droid pro and did not have a problem with it untill now. My ringer is loud. But when I get on the phone to talk to people I can not hear them. I put it on speaker and still cant hear them. Did anyone ever have this problem. I cant figure it out

    1. Anonymous says:

      Hi Patrick,
      I’m on my 6th Droid Pro. Verizon kept sending me rebuilt ones and finally after the 5th one I called Motorolla and they sent me a brand new one.
      Yes, I had the same problem you did and am still having the problem with the new one. I can’t hear people and when I put the phone on speaker, I also can’t hear people. I miss a lot of calls, they either go directly to voicemail or just drop. Sometimes the call does not even register as received or missed. I have a lot of other problems with it to many to list here. I would not recommend this phone.

    2. Anonymous says:

      Hi Patrick,
      I’m on my 6th Droid Pro. Verizon kept sending me rebuilt ones and finally after the 5th one I called Motorolla and they sent me a brand new one.
      Yes, I had the same problem you did and am still having the problem with the new one. I can’t hear people and when I put the phone on speaker, I also can’t hear people. I miss a lot of calls, they either go directly to voicemail or just drop. Sometimes the call does not even register as received or missed. I have a lot of other problems with it to many to list here. I would not recommend this phone.

  22. Zoe says:

    I've had my Droid Pro for a few days now and loved it, despite the extremely poor battery life. Unfortunately just today, the phone (just after noting that I still had about 50% battery life left), shut off and will not restart. I've taken the battery out several times and plugged the phone into the charger but still nothing! I've read this happens a lot with the Pro so I'm considering the iPhone or back to Blackberry. 🙁

  23. Ashley says:

    I have the Droid Pro. I have a great battery life, it charges quickly. I don't know why everyone is complaining of it but I switched from the HTC Eris and the Pro battery life is great and charges in about an hour. I can go from the time I leave at 630am till 9pm without charging it! I text and talk a lot too.

    The problem I started having today (have had the phone for about 2 weeks) is no sound. It stopped working, no text sound, no ringer, no speaker phone. Conveniently it is a Sunday and our local Verizon is not open until 11. I have their program of sending a refurbished phone for a phone you have had 2 weeks but I guess that is what I am going to have to do. I did the factory reset and and everything. UGH.

  24. Nora says:

    My Droid Motorola has worked great for 6 months and then 2 weeks ago it would randomly not allow me to dial out or send a text. I would repeatedly try to no avail, and then suddenly it would work just fine. I assumed Verison was having trouble with a local tower. I finally called tech support as my husband's blackberry and son's LG Droid were both working fine. They said it was my phone and sent me a replacement. The new phone did the same thing within the first hour and has continued all day. I've missed countless calls and texts. I used my son's LG Droid to call mine and his rang 3 times before going to my voicemail. My phone never made a sound or showed a missed call. Minutes later I received a call and my phone was fine. Has anyone else had this "sudden" problem?

    1. Ptripodi039 says:

      Hello Nora – i am having a similar problem with my Droid 3 Global.  Only 3.5 months old, all of a sudden I can’t send an email … I start to reply and it freezes and then cuts off.    I’m headed back to Verizon tomorrow – they had better replace it !   

  25. Scott says:

    I have received 3 new Motorola Droid Pro phones from Verizon in 3 weeks. SAme problem with all 3 phones. It works for about 3 days and then whenever I receive an INCOMING call the static is so severe that both myself and the caller cannot hear anything but the static. When I hang up and call back all is fine.

  26. Christine says:

    I've had my droid pro for a month and am not happy. No one can hear me on the other line, it cuts in and out and it will just end my calls randomly. The battery life is short. I'm really beginning to miss my BB curve.

  27. mine works fine i have no problem with calls and i lve in a rual area, for those who battery have short life look in ur settings and you can change it to wear it last longer, ive had mine for 6 moths and i woulnt charge and they sent me a new one and everything was fine.

  28. Jimo3e5 says:

    Having all sorts of problems with my Motorola T305 Bluetooth device interfacing with my new Droid Pro.  I had it synched with my BB Curve and my BB Bold with no problems.  The T305 connected with the Droid Pro but when I use Voice Dialing it never detects anything close to what I say.  Any ideas what I can do to make the device recognize that I am saying???

  29. Sgroleau2002 says:

    Complete garbage for a product! I am on my 4th phone and really need another but trying to last out my contract which is up in August to get an iPhone! Do not buy this.

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