Christmas Tree Decorations With A Difference: iPhone App Decorator

Enjoy Christmas 2010 with a fantastic Apple iPhone app that has many features to excite, say hello to ‘Christmas Tree Decorator’, everything you need for the festive holidays.

This app will give you the perfect Christmas tree you have always wanted, you can watch your tree glitter as you countdown the days. Check out the full features below, trust us you will love this one.

Main features Include: High Resolution Graphics, Two finger Multi-touch control, 3 Christmas Songs to choose from by Kevin MacLeod, 36 Decorations to choose from including lights presents and ornaments, 3 Different backgrounds to choose from including Inside House/Outside by a Snowy River/Default Gradient, oh there is much more like Animated decorations (watch them shake, drop and shatter), Multiple Sound Effects, Falling snow effect, Family friendly, Tap and Drag ornaments or simply tap when adding to the tree, and Count-Down the days till Christmas.

You can even save your decorated tree as a photo so you can share with Friends and Family or use as Wallpaper, you can set the lights to blink, stay lit or even twinkle.

New features are now included thanks to a recent software update that now includes iOS 4 and iPhone 4 support, plus Add “Delete All Decoration” button to more easily remove all the decorations and start with a clean tree to decorate.

For more information please visit iTunes, this app is very nice and we say go download it right now, come on its only 59p (99 cents).

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