Three UK LG Optimus One Free Deal: £15 Tariff

If you are looking at buying the LG Optimus One smartphone then look no further than Three UK (3 UK) as they have a fantastic deal just for you, and yes you can get the handset for free.

Three UK is offering the LG Optimus One for free on the £15 tariff, if you visit the Three website just click on “Internet Talker Plans” tab and it will show you that the plan comes with 300 anytime any network minutes or texts or any mix of the two.

You will also get 500MB data allowance, just a quick recap: this handset comes with Android 2.2, 320×480 resolution capacitive touchscreen, 3MP camera and much more.

The Three UK Plan Details:

  • Voice call Charges – 3 to UK landline (Flat rate) £0.12 per minute, 3 to 3 UK (Flat rate) £0.12 per minute, 3 to other UK mobile networks (Flat rate) £0.12 per minute and Voicemail (Flat rate) is free
  • Video Call Charges – 3 to 3 UK £0.50 per minute, 3 to other UK mobile networks £0.50 per minute and Videomail is £0.25 per minute
  • Other Charges – UK Text Messages £0.12, UK Picture Message £0.25, UK Picture Mail £0.25, UK video messages £0.50 and Internet browsing £0.10/MB.

Source – EuroDroid

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