Black Friday 2010 hhgregg: iLive iPhone CD Home Music System

If you are on the lookout for a music system that is compatible with the iPhone and iPod this Black Friday we have one for you that could save you quite a bit of your hard earned cash, the iLive iPhone and iPod CD Home Music System from hhgregg.

Currently hhgregg offers the iLive iPhone/iPod CD Home Music System for $94.14 however when Black Friday 2010 starts hhgregg is dropping the price on this iPhone and iPod compatible music system down to just $59.99, although you’ll need to be on the ball as there is a limit of just one.

The iLive music system docks with the iPhone and iPod and also charges the Apple devices and also features a CD player that plays CD and CD-R/RW, an FM radio, LCD display with amber backlight, a 3.5mm audio output, digital volume control, and supports universal docking brackets.

So if this is the item you have been looking for make sure you check out hhgregg this Black Friday. For more great Black Friday deals you can hit up bfads, or if you wish to find out more on the iLive iPhone/iPod CD Home Music System you can hit up hhgregg, but whatever you do don’t miss out on the upcoming Black Friday deals so make sure you follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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