iOS 4.2 Download Problems (iPhone or iPad): Have You Any Issues?

The new iOS 4.2 update is now live and ready to download and install and we would love to know if you are having any problems at all.

It does not matter if you own the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad we would like to know if the download and install process ran smoothly for you, how long did the download and install take etc.

Once the iOS 4.2 was finally installed onto your Apple device what features stood out the most for you, please let us know about them.

Can you download the new iOS 4.2? Is iTunes running smoothly for you? What problems are you experiencing? Anything about this new update at all please let us know. Thanks


194 thoughts on “iOS 4.2 Download Problems (iPhone or iPad): Have You Any Issues?”

  1. steve says:

    I have a problem. I have got ios 4.2 Gold master on ipad and when i try to update to the now live ios 4.2 it says i already have 4.2 and i dont i only have gold master. somebody please help!!

        1. Pete says:

          Put into DFU mode and then update to 4.2. To do this, hold the power and home button together until you see the apple logo. Once you see the logo let go of the power but still hold down the home button. Wait until you see the "connect to itunes" message and restore.

  2. aplboy says:

    I tried to run the update on my iPhone 4. Has never been unlocked or jailbroken. And about half way through, it errors out and gives me an error code of 1013 which is saying to connect it to iTunes(even though it already is). Now my phone is stuck in recovery mode and I can't do anything to get it out. Not even a restore. It just errors out again. Any help?

      1. mike says:

        long way round it worked for me ,create a quest account on your comp (windows) load up itunes during guest account plug in iphone and it will start it as if its new then restore from a back up created when you load itunes up in your normal windows (not guest account)

    1. Jennifer says:

      not sure if you're still having trouble, but I've been trying to download it for that past couple of months and it kept telling me after an hour that it timed out. I finally went in and disabled my firewall, just to give it a shot, because I've tried everything else, and it worked! My iPhone 4 is finally current! Hope this helps!

    2. ivar says:

      i got the same error code, bot on the ipad and ipod devices.
      error code, has to be restored etc. lost all data and had to recover, then install, sync etc.
      not nice to hear that others have the same problems.

  3. nbkmhi says:

    I have an iPad and I am having an issue with the download. On the Apple site it states that all you have to do is plug your device into your computer and follow the prompts. Well mine is not working as stated. I have plugged in, unplugged, reinstalled iTunes and the system is still stating that I have the current version available (3.2.2). I had to setup an appointment with the local Apple store to have them look at it.

    1. EsJay says:

      I had that issue until I realized that the latest update of iTunes (10.1 I believe) is REQUIRED in order to upgrade to iOS 4.2.1. All you have to do is update iTunes by launching iTunes and picking the apple icon nest to iTunes on your Mac and then selecting Software Updates. It should take you into the iTunes 10.1 update screen (which I had dismissed earlier. After you update iTunes, then it will recognize that you don't have the latest version of iOS and it you can pick Check for Updates (when your under the device tab on iTunes) OR it might just prompt you. That's the issue though.


      1. da12 says:

        I am having trouble upgrading to the new ios 4.2. Are you saying that MAC users must have iTunes 10.x to upgrade to ios 4.2? What is your mac CANNOT upgrade to iTunes 10.x? What then? I need help. Thanks in advance for any help.

    2. xxpamxx says:

      having a similar problem with the ipad, already got the latest version of itunes, but when attempting to install the 4.2 software version to the ipad it freezes during the back up stage of installation

  4. Shaun says:

    just downloaded the update. When it tried to install it it said there was an error. I am having to do a full restore now on my iPhone 4. Very wary about downloading again in case there is a bug. very disappointing

    1. Dan Parr says:

      Check your recycle bin. found the restore file in there. dragged it back onto desktop and restored from there. are you using mac or pc? mines not updated to iOS 4.2 but it's unbricked now all the same.

  5. Richard says:

    I am in the UK and the download is taking for ever. It says about 2 hours to do 400mb. I guess the servers are overloaded. I am not sure whether to update my Iphone 4 or wait for more user comments. Something tells me maybe best to wait a few days in case there is any problems.

  6. Philip Filleul says:

    Disaster… I downloaded and it bricked it! It stalled half way through the initial 4.2 installation, and then said I had an unknown error and I needed to recover the ipad. After a hard reset it still will not recover. I have a useless brick. Thanks Apple! PS no jailbreakiing etc – its a standard wifi iPad or at least was.

    1. Philip Filleul says:

      After an hour of pain, I restored from an itunes on ANOTHER pc which bizarrely worked ok to get me a new 4.2 ipad with nothing on it. After that I moved to the PC that did not work and restored my apps back onto the ipad – and now all is well. I have lost app data and needed a mega sync but it could have been a lot worse.
      I have to say multitasking, airplay and folders are GREAT… just wish it had not been a rollercoaster to get there.

  7. Andy says:

    I have a problem with an Ipod touch and an Ipad, for both it goes through the download process, checks the file and then reports that the files are corrupt with error 1403 and that I should check the network connection. My Network connection is OK. It is probably that the download site(s) can not cope with the demand.

    1. Andy says:

      After several PC reboots, clearing out IE temporary files, turning off everything else connected to my home network both devices have updated correctly. Even though I have a fast broadband the download was very slow, over 30 mins for the Ipad (less for the Ipod touch).

  8. paul herman says:

    i have a 3gs- never jail broken. i was excited for the assignable new text tones in 4.2. yes, i can assign my contacts individual text tones, but i didn't get any of the new text tones.

    1. Dave says:

      The new text tones aren't available for the 3GS – only iPhone 4! I for one am disgusted that they play on such features, and then only reward those who have spent the money on the latest product!

    1. olaf says:

      Hi, I found the note that there is a problem if you have
      rejected emails in yout inbox (i.e. if some of the emails you sent were returned for unknown recipient or some such)
      log into your email account via some other means and delete all such returned mail messages.
      It seems that the mail program has a problem with special characters contained in such rejections.
      This is known to apple and will be fixed in the future …


  9. mark says:

    I downloaded the update, everything seemed ok until I tilted the screen and noticed there was no screen lock! When I used the screen lock key it now simply mutes the volume but no screen lock!!

    1. angela layton says:

      Have contacted Apple the solution is to double click the home button to get into multi tasking scroll towards your right and the ipod and locking feature appears you can then lock your screen in landscape or portrait from there……hope this helps

  10. Eli says:

    Stuck in recovery mode for almost an hour now… I also got the 1013 error. Seems Apple's verification servers can't take the load. Or maybe they just forgot to move them to their shiny new data center?
    Anyway, i'll keep trying. I just hope my phone is not permanently bricked…

  11. Don Junior says:

    I tried downloading the damn update. Halfway through, iTunes tells me that the server connection timed out. 5th time now. Great Apple, wannabe fancy enterprise with shitty servers. Boooh

    1. Tsamy says:

      same problem i upgrade it 2 iphones 3gs but the ipod new generation forget it noticed something though that one of my iphone was os 4.0 and it upgrade it in 2 minutes the other was 4.1 it tool couple restart till it did the trick but the ipod not a chance

      1. Saphal Adhikari says:

        Same here Waited 1 freaking hours for the Download to Complete But at the End Network session timed out WTF Lamest itunes firstly now ios Server Breakdown SHAME Apple

          1. sandip says:

            i have the same problem been trying since last 2 days same errore coming, there was a problem downloading the software for the iphone the network connection timed out, make sure your network setting are correct and your network connection is active!! did turn off fire wall still same thing!! can u tell me how to shut down kasparsky protection please??

          2. CCOK says:

            I right clicked on the Kasparsky symbol at the bottom right hand corner of my computer screen and selected to pause protection, then was given a pop up box that allowed me to select how long to pause it for. Hope it works!

          3. CCOK says:

            Once I paused my kaspersky protection I was able to update my IPhone 4. It took about 2 hours to compete the update.

    2. Kevin says:

      i got all the way through, with download, and after the download, i got the same message!!! im wondering since everyone else is getting "Recovery Mode" if this is even worth it………………

    3. Mr. Gates says:

      You guys got it. Shut down Kasparsky protection if you have it by pressing "pause protection" (right click on icon). Worked like a charm … thank to you all. I've struggled with this for a month!

  12. Jackson says:

    I have an iPhone 3G, iPod touch 2nd gen and iPhone 4. Update ran fast and quick for all of them. However, I tried to get MobileMe running on the iPhone 4 (since it’s free) and it keeps saying my account is verified. Been happening for 3 hours.

  13. Just A Guy says:

    Install worked like a charm – update was not available until some time around 4pm US eastern. Note they do have a bug – screen rotate lock is now mute/unmute. meh. sure they'll fix it in 4.2.1. total download install time = ~20min. Location New Jersey USA.

    1. Philip Filleul says:

      After an hour of pain, I restored from an itunes on ANOTHER pc which bizarrely worked ok to get me a new 4.2 ipad with nothing on it. After that I moved to the PC that did not work and restored my apps back onto the ipad – and now all is well. I have lost app data and needed a mega sync but it could have been a lot worse.

    2. KR15P says:

      The screen rotate lock turning to mute/unmute is no bug, that's what it's been turned to, screen lock is now part of multitasking bar, press home twice, and swipe the multitasking bar to the right and it's right there.

    1. Philip Filleul says:

      Happened to me – managed to fix by syncing it with another PC which worked fine. Tho my brick, when restored to 4.2 had lost all apps and data, so a major sync back on the first PC to bring it all back. Its fine now tho.

    1. Terry says:

      Same here, can't get past 60Mb before time out. Will leave for a few weeks. Just have to be careful with future app updates as some may need 4.2 to work. Aggghhh

    2. Whitney says:

      I think I agree. The download fails everytime I try to download. Says to check my Network Connection/Settings. After reading all the problems I think you're right. My cousin downloaded, all it managed to due was to temporarily delete all his songs on his iPhone. He got them back, but no new text tones or anything.

    3. Sara says:

      I agree! Blessing in disguise. Tried again for the tenth time and got all the way done before it timed out. Finally came to read this, and maybe I don't need an update after hearing all the problems.

    1. burrs says:

      same thing happened to my 3gs. downloaded and installed in under 30 min. around 1pm central. I have no new text tones and voice mail always wants my password. I put it in but always comes back incorrect

    2. tsamy says:

      for the voice mail press one and then 2 for password change your pass {i know u didnt have one from the begining } but just do that put a password any number and voila u got your voice mail back again

  14. davidc says:

    My ipad appears to have been bricked by the update. It downloaded eventually, but the ipad is now stuck with the apple logo and a progress bar which is frozen at about 80%. I've managed to restart the ipad by holding both buttons down but it reboots to the same stage and freezes where it's connected to itunes or not. Could be a visit to the Apple store coming up 🙁

    1. Philip Filleul says:

      see my other comments – it happened to me. Restore from another itunes on another PC.. that gets you 4.2 vanilla. Then resync on the first PC and get your apps and music back etc.

  15. Phil says:

    I performed the update and it worked fine. I have been using the ipad intermittently since the update, but now I am staring at an unresponsive black screen. I have had this device for a month with no problem. I don't understand what could have bricked this thing, especially since it was working fine for several hours since the upgrade and plenty of battery?

  16. Randy says:

    Just tried installing 4.2 — received "unknown error" and iPad would not restart. My computer no longer would recognize the iPad. Had to re-boot the computer and am trying to restore the iPad — but it does not look good — iTunes has been at 100% cpu for the past 10 minutes just trying to "estimate the time remaining" — I'm not hopeful

  17. Guest says:

    Downloaded 4.2.1 in about 10 minutes in PA near Philadelphia. But afterwards I keep getting the 1013 error and am stuck in Restore mode and the phone is uesless. Tried at least 3 times with the same result!

  18. Pati U. says:

    Have made multiple attempts to download 4.2 for my gen 3 iPod Touch and the iTunes app keeps telling me I have the most recent version of iTunes 9. Huh??? Frustrating.

  19. Jess says:

    If your phone is stuck in recovery mode, my suggestion is to download TinyUmbrella and that can kick it out of recovery. I had to do that for my iPhone. I’m going to wait a few days and let the server die down a bit and try again.

    PS. The update is fantastic for the iPad! Love the multitasking!

  20. Mark Barner says:

    After updating both iPhone 4 and iPad i lost carrier signal on both – now I can't call or anything!!! I'm located in Denmark with "3" as my carrier

    Dang it!

  21. started the update on my iPad and it says 4 hours to finnish. I checked my speed on Speedtest.net and i'm still pulling in my average 24mbps so something must be going wrong on their end. I supremely hope that they get this fixed soon, not to mention, if it bricks my shit after all of this i'll be one VERY unhappy customer.

  22. david A says:

    Download seemed to work, but now i've got the "Backing up Ipad" status bar is crawling..been almost three hours and it's only about half way done. Anyone else have this problem?

  23. enzeine says:

    I was getting network disconnected error. Weird, because I am directly wired in on my iMac. After about four times, my 4.2 finally downloaded and now I'm updating the iPad as I write. Hopefully it is fine. I'll comment again in a bit.

  24. Guest says:

    Just tried to install 4.2 on my iPad. Midway through the install, all of a sudden I get this slew of error messages from iTunes, culminating in a "you must restore your iPad" message. It appears that the backup is fine and I'm going to be able to use my iPad as expected, but still, quite frustrating/frightening to have to restore my iPad just because I was trying to do an update.

  25. Steve says:

    Hey, you should be in Africa. I plugged my iPad in ad it said it would take 17 hours to download. After about 200k it fails and tells me I'm not connected to the Internet.

  26. Kristen says:

    Since I updated…I have a messed up voicemail…and my texts all get deleted every time. I went thru restore process and still it's messing up. Plus I also got no text tones.

  27. Ian says:

    Downloaded last night took 20 mins to download and install but now find all apps will not launch try to open but close within seconds , no new txt tones. Only things that open are the preinstalled apple apps….well done apple cheers…

  28. Bricked my iPad.
    Took almost an hour to download from Apple, then status bar on the iPad went to about 5/8 and on MacBook went to about 3/4 and it hung….for 2 hours.
    I unplugged it, killed iTunes and put iPad into DFU and it started trying to load again (staus bar on iPad got to about 80%) and it hung. I gave up after another hour and went ahead and made a genius bar appointment for tomorrow afternoon.

  29. Peter says:

    I had no problem updating 4.2 to the iPad but trying to down load to the iMac for the iPhone indicated that it was going to take 6 hours and felt uh uh something is not right and disconnected and will wait for word from apple

  30. KP. says:

    Have tried downloading the update, about halfway through, iTunes tells me that the Network connection timed out. Tried 9 times last night and 5 times this morning, still no joy. Had no problems with previous updates.

  31. Cliff anger says:

    Only took an hour to download & brick the ipad (progress bar at approx 75%, itunes freezing upon attachment etc) Managed to restore upon 2nd attempt with no apparent loss of data other than a wall paper reset & having to reinstall everything. Only 4 hours in total thanks Steve.
    Might book a genius appointment just to register some ire…

  32. Bridget says:

    My ipad doesn't want to update. I plug it and it goes through the extracting software phasem but then gets stuck when backing up. It just stay on that stpe of the process and doesnt go move on?

  33. Mtnmuse says:

    Using iTunes 10.1. Last night I started the download for my iPad. Said it was going to take 6 hours, so I let it run over night. Thus morning it said the download was complete, but it won’t install. Tried disconnecting iPad and reconnecting; restarting iTunes; restarting computer. When I try checking for a available update in iTunes it says ” iTunes could not check for an update to the carrier settings for your iPad. An unknown error occurred (1631)”. It syncs the iPad fine. And all Internet connections are working. Haven’t tried my iPhone yet.

  34. Bobby 2 Shoes says:

    Having to restore my IPAD back to factory default and re-sync my apps and music.

    Did a restore and it applied the update.

    This OS4 update turns the IPAD into a very expensive paperweight. The internet connection has allbut died.

    Have connected through to My O2 service ok and it finds my Wireless connection just fine.

    But the down load speed is a non starter. Whatever they have fixed in this update they have created an even bigger problem.

    Not going to perform the update again until this is fixed and confirmed. I need my IPAd for work so this OS update is a real blow…..

  35. Barry says:

    No problem downloading the update. That part went OK. However, had some errors on the restore the first time, but apparently finished. I say apparently because when it said it was done and I disconnected and took my first look, I noticed over 1/2 my apps never made it back onto the iPad. Upon reconnecting, iTunes wanted to do the restore again, so I did. Same results. I unplugged and tried again. Now it just wants to sync. However, that won’t finish. It gets stuck in phase 1 – trying to install apps back on the iPad. So far no luck. I’ve rebooted the PC and the iPad several times. I’m doing this on a PC running Windows 7. iTunes just goes into “not responding” mode and gets stuck. At that point I can cancel the sync from the iPad, but iTunes just sits there and does nothing.

    Is there a way to transfer all the data on disk to a Mac so I can try doing a sync/restore from there?

    All vanilla, no jailbreak, etc.

  36. Philipp says:

    I downloaded it and uploaded it to my iPad. Everything seemed fine and like it always was. But at the and (when the bar at the ipad screen appears and it was almost full) iTunes just got stuck! i tried to restart my ipad manually but then it just started again to load, without connection to iTunes, and it stopped at the point were it stopped earlier! I tried to take my Backup to restore it but it was the same bar and the same problem! the only way i got everything fine was to restore it WITHOUT backup and had to sync everything again 🙁

    I wouldn't have downloaded it, if I knew which problems i get!

  37. PB Boy says:

    been trying on and off all day in UK. plug 3GS phone in, click update get a message saying "this version of iTunes is the current version"??? not trying to update iTunes, I am clicking the update iPhone. re-booted phone and Mac… same thing… tried some suggestions on message boards but still no go! what a crock!!! any help out there?

    1. kkatie says:

      I have the exact same problem! I'm using OSX 10.4 and iTunes 9.2, which I know are both not the most up-to-date, but I could download 4.1 no problem…

  38. Jeanne says:

    Getting the same error message that has been reported here multiple times. It tells me that my network connection timed out and I should check my settings or try again later.

  39. paddy says:

    Just updated my ipad (ireland) it has messed up the way some of my applications work. SmartNote for example, no longer saves my notes despite my attempt to use the various saving options available. furthermore, one app completely failed to work when using multi tasking….arrrg

  40. Lee says:

    I installed and downloaded 4.2 onto my iPhone 4 with no problems, but now my WiFi is playing up. The signal indicator only shows up when it feels like it, but its irrelevant because it doesn't actually connect to the internet. Looks like I'm having the same problems that were supposedly fixed beforehand.

  41. Nancy says:

    My boyfriend tried to update his iPhone 3G and he cannot because his laptop is still running iTunes 9 which will not offer the new update 4.2 for iPhone. That means he must upgrade his entire laptop OS just to get iTunes 10 so he can get this and all future updates on his phone. He is so mad that Apple is basically making his computer and phone obsolete!!! He is talking about getting a Droid and a PC. I am looking for a work around for him. Ideas?

  42. Kai says:

    Never even got to 4.2 which seems a godsend except my Instapaper app has died. They have a warning, which I missed, not to upgrade. Eerg. In my case, could not even download 10.1 – tried many times but does not work either. Really pretty poor.

  43. hagop panossian says:

    i downloaded the update successfully, but after the download, i cant hear any notification sounds, keyboard clicks etc on my ipad, can anyone help?

    1. mikel says:

      The physical switch on the iPad that locks the screen orientation has been changed. To lock the screen orientation you now have to make the change in software (others describe how to do that).

      The physical switch now controls the muting of sounds, per my understanding the very sounds you are saying don't play. Make sure your physical switch (formerly used for screen orientation) is off and see if that helps.

      1. Mike says:

        To lock the screen from turning you must double click the round home button on the front of your iPad, then a task bar at the bottom will come up, then slide it to the right and you will see the lock screen icon on the very left. Touch it once and it will indicate it's locked.

  44. Abner says:

    Been trying for over two hours. Nothing works. There are no instructions when you plug in and you have to search around Itunes to try and download. Then it just gets stuck. I'm very disappointed!

  45. Broken Download says:

    Wow… I see people got an awful lot of problems! I´ve been waiting for ages to get this very needed update for my iPad since it came with the unjailbreakable 3.2.2. Apple really blows when it comes to freedom (flash, java and jailbreak, bad bad Jobs!). I´ve tried 3 or 4 times to download the 4.2 update, but the download times out each and every time. Hellloooooo, RESUME broken downloads anyone??? Some things I really can´t understand from Apple. I hope this damned download, once it finishes, won´t brick my iPad, or I might get tempted to kill somebody.

  46. Peter S says:

    After numerous attempts I fatally was able to update my iPad. Now I only have sound on videos and on nothing else. I tried to restore several times but still the same issue. Very very disappointing. I guess I'll have to wait for a fix to come out in the next update!

  47. may says:

    I downloaded 4.2 successfully and everything works fine. I got all the upgrades as described at apple website (such as more languages etc.) except for new applications including Multitasking, Folders, airprint, AirPlay, and Find My iPhone. Did I miss anything in the process of downloading? Anyone can help?

  48. Sarah says:

    I have an iPhone 3G. Had no problem downloading the update but when the box popped up that said “backing up iPhone” the loading bar just stopped. Disconnected the phone and tried again, but still nothing happened. Didn’t freeze my phone or computer, but still disappointed.

  49. Mike says:

    Took 4 hours to download, then it took another 4 hours to read the manual because Apple said to help me I would have to purchase a $100 extended warranty (being I was 3 months and one day into my 90 day warranty). After figuring most things out ( which is not worth the update), my 3-G now only show one bar instead of the five it has always showed. I'm extremely dissatisfied with Apple and their lack of caring after they screwed the system up. I will be rethinking Apple in the future, especially since other companies will have something very similar to the iPad. This update is sure to loose a lot of customers for Apple, especially since I was such a huge promoter of it int he district I work for. I will not recommend their products anymore, intact, I I'll tell my story.

  50. sarihwaa says:

    I have Ipad. updated 11-24 for 4.2. Sync stopped and frozen. Restore firmware many times for the last 2 days and I visited the apple store too.

    no luck yet. error: It says another sync session was already running.

    need help urgently.

  51. Teun says:

    I cant downlad ios 4.2.1 for my ipad. It times out. Not once but approx 10X now. As a matter of fact, the internet is seething with users with the same problem. A complete cockup by apple!

  52. Judy D says:

    New iPad. After 10 minutes, I am getting the same error message that has been reported here multiple times. It tells me my network connection timed out and I should check my settings or try again later.

  53. Karen says:

    I downloaded it on my ipad, and the strangest thing happened. The screen lock button doesn't work anymore. When I click on it, it turns the volume down. Weird. Is

  54. Beautiful says:

    My phone network keeps shutting off and tells me i dont have no data connection. This is making me so mad i never had this problem before this update

  55. BeersYourFriend says:

    I keep getting the Timed Out Issue too! I have been using connectify to boost my wireless signal, and worked fine before the update. Now, all I am getting on Both my iPad & iPhone, this annoying error Message!

    Apple doesn’t seem to comprehend the saying “if it an’t broke don’t fix it”…

  56. Chrizzle says:

    Im getting the connection timeout, which is really annoying because ive downloaded some software that require the update to run! If anyone finds a fix please let me know!!

  57. 4.2 won't install on my computer either. It will show progress for the download all the way until the end and then it fails with some error telling me the server timed out because of no response. Then I have to start the download all over again. I thought after the first iOS4 update Apple would get a clue. This is seriously crap! And recently my 3G's WiFi just bit the dust. Both of these problems have been experienced by many others across the board. Conclusion: iOS 4 UPDATES DO NOT WORK RIGHT and the WiFi hardware in the 3G and 3GS are UNRELIABLE. Crap! Pure Crap!

  58. Don says:

    Same for me! I updated and shows up in itunes but won't turn on! Guess i have to roll back to factory settings. what a drag and waste of time! I was excited about multitasking…. but i now have a a no-tasking brick!

  59. Lara Croft says:

    iTunes says the 4.2 update is available for my iPod Touch (64GB). When I click "UPDATE" it says "iTunes 9.2 is already up-to-date" and does nothing else — will not download/update the iPod.

  60. saadshaker says:

    i was installing the new software 4.2 on my phone and it tells me error and cannot connect it to the itunes and the screen on the iphones tells me to plug in with itunes although it is already connected

  61. Michael says:

    Download managers have been around for decades. Firefox has one built in, and even dinosaurs like Microsoft let you use one to download large files. Why don’t Apple build one into their devices to help people download large files in areas of the world with less than perfect Internet connections?

  62. Shane says:

    I had trouble updting my Ipad and in the final fix lost a number of my apps. I just had the same trouble with my Iphone. Why did I need to Restore both of my devices?

  63. Boykin says:

    IPad upgrade to 4.2.1 went OK. IPad now runs slower, while fading email it sometimes switches to main screen, some apps are flaky. Looks like it was not ready for distribution.

  64. Tina says:

    I have upgraded my Ipad to 4.2.1 few days ago. It took about an hour. Problem with the screen lock (screen moves even when locked). Now I have problems with getting a Wifi connection. I have to clear the memory just to get a connection.

  65. Louise says:

    I have an ipod touch 2g that I am trying to update as without it I cant install any apps!! Have tried 4 times now and keep getting the message about a timed out network connection. Download taking about 2 hours and then it times out with 6 or 7 minutes to go. AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!

  66. Sue says:

    Tried to download the update for 4.2 yesterday, no luck, received a “network connection lost” message 5 times. After reading some of the problems other people experienced I’m not sure I even want the update now.

  67. fjeno says:

    Hi! I have a problem downloading iOS 4.2, i've been trying it for two weeks and it ends up with the same problem every time. itunes is downloading iPhone software update, comes to 322,9 MB (wich is the size of the file) then it goes on to processing file, and it never succeeds but pops up a window that says "There was a problem blah blah..Network connection timed out, Make sure your network settings are correct blah blah…" I dont know what to do, pls help

  68. William says:

    I tried to update my iPad to 4.2.2 It downloads the update but then it gets stuck in the backup for hours showing no progress. It did exactly the same in all available computers (4) The only thing I can think of is that the iPad has something I'm not aware of causing the problem (Never had a problem with it and its not jailbroken)

  69. Ayman says:

    the lock rotation switch doesnt work anymore, so it rotates around when i move it about. instead it mutes my iPad. Plus i have noticed a much slower processing time to access apps. Plus and this realy makes me mad is that my downloads on iTunes have gone missing or unplayable now!!!

  70. andrea says:

    just bought the ipad and was trying to install the new 4.2 os and it keeps saying that it timed out…can i still use the old system?? any idea what the problem is…kind of upset…was really looking forward to using this…

  71. Frank says:

    PLEASE HELP – Whenever I try to doenload iOS 4.2 my iTunes says that I need the latest version or iTunes to allow me to download iOS 4.2 but I already have it, subsequently I'm now unable to download 4.2 and it's VERY annoying.
    Does anyone know how to fix this please?
    Thanks, Frank

  72. poweesblog says:

    I am currently on ipad 3.2.2 version and I can't update to firmware 4.2 I keep getting error -3259. Should I still keep on downloading or do I wait for 4.3?

  73. Dan says:

    Iphone 3GS fails to update. Have had to restore and install everything from the back up I made just before updating. The exact same thing happend on the last update aswell. Apple's hardware is good but all its software is a massive let down .. sadly I doubt this will ever change.

  74. Lindsey says:

    Ive been trying to dowload the new update for 3 days now, everytime i try it says its going to take up to 6 hours, after about 10 mins of downloading its cuts off and says there is an error! GRRRRR! Frustrating! 😛 Oh and i have the iPhone 3GS 🙂

  75. Patrick says:

    Everytime I try to download iOS 4.2 into my ipad it used to have a couple error messages, but now it either cancils out the download without an error message, or it makes itunes go into a blackscreen. Everytime it's in that black screen, I can't exit it unless I

  76. Drove Crazy says:

    It is taking way too long tried and tried it says four remaining I have Wireless access by Verizon but it stalled at four hours. Seriously Apple why do we have to update through the Itunes it takes to long I guess I may just forget it.

  77. Samueletta says:

    Everytime I connect to iTunes, says 10.1 available but need 4.2 to update iTunes. I have updated to iOS 4.2.1 three times & iPhone 3g shows I have it. But apparently iTunes does not recognize that I have it & won’t allow me to update to iTunes 10.1.

    Also, since upgrade to 4.2, getting swooshing sound on incoming & outgoing text messages. Text tones is set to none. Have to keep phone on vibrate to block out annoying swooshing. Don’t like phone on vibrate all the time.

  78. Guest says:

    I had trouble downloading the iOS 4.2 update. It would say that the download had timed out and that I should check my network connection. After following Terrence's suggestion of pausing my Kaspersky protection, it worked perfectly. Thanks!

  79. frederick says:

    Bought Pages App but need 4.2 update to install on ipad. Too many server resets make it impossible to download the 500mb update. Nice 'paid for' app sitting in itunes waiting. I thought Apple were the good guys and microsoft was the evil empire but the comments here suggest otherwise

  80. brad says:

    I had the same problem, downloaded the update 624.3MB when it got to 624.2MB it came up with error network timeout.
    I have had to do a hard reset and now the phone doesnt work, its useless, off to my local apple store.
    Before i go, anyone know how to fix this ???

  81. Greg Wagner says:

    My Iphone 3GS keeps crashing/freezing or just turning itself off, and when it does It takes about fifteen minutes to turn it back on; there never seems to be that much of a problem with the battery as it usually shows about 50%. I've attempted maybe a dozen or more times to update to OS4.2 but I get an error message saying that my network connection timed out… OK maybe it did so I tried and tried to the point where I watched every last KB successfully download… then during the install the error message popped up AGAIN…
    Apple appears not to have any troubleshooting info regarding this topic… ANYONE ELSE SUFFERING LIKE ME?????????

  82. Andrea says:

    I have tried downloading the update like 10 times and when it's about to finish a window appear saying iTunes stop Working….and I don't Know what to do :'(

  83. Ratna says:

    I'm in India, though have a clean, legit unlocked phone from home (Australia). I have tried 20+ times to download. The download always takes 6-20 hours on our slow servers. It inevitably stops somewhere along the way and gives me an error message. Unlike other downloads, however, nothing is ever saved, so I have to start over. I have given up and concluded that I cannot update my phone.

  84. Jennifer says:

    I have tried several times to download iPad update. It gets locked with the spinning rainbow and I can't do anything in ITunes or IPad unless I force my computer to shut down. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  85. Guest says:

    I have tried to update my iphone 4G I'm at 4.2.1 version. My iPad is the same version. I cannot get the download. Figured it was the speed, that was why I was timing out. So, went to my husband's office. It downloaded all the way. Then, it began processing file. Oops! My network timed out. ?? What the?? I am so stumped on this one. It was on there for about 2 1/2 hours, before it would be about 5 hours, but for it to download (supposedly), and then time out afterwards… Help.

  86. DissatisfiedBob says:

    I have this problem (the network connection timed out) with every new release of iPhone OS software (running Vista). None of the 'helpful' suggestions apply and I find them most annoying. Apple HAS to know this is happening and does nothing to address it. If it is intended as a marketing tool (sell your PC, buy a MAC), it isn't working (for me anyway). What is especially annoying is that it takes 75-80 minutes of downloading before it times out. What a piece of crap.

  87. Glance_left says:

    Similer problems as many here….begin download and runs along for about an hour or so, then it just stalls.  Look at the screen and its as if nothing was initiated…no error message or anything.  And, of course, nothing was downloaded…so start again…from scratch.  Have done this about 4 times now.  I’m seeing lots of questions here, but no answers!

  88. mary danley says:

    On the Iphone, my husband had accidently erased Facebook, trying to reload it on the Iphone a message said to upgrade to iOS 4.0, Well I did and Facebook was restored but all my husband’s phone contacts were gone. Does anybody know what we can do to get his contact numbers back on phone? Doesn’t make sense, restored all of FB but deleted his phone numbers. Any suggestions?

  89. Telfax says:

    Why oh why oh why does the download reset to 0 when paused or interrupted.  When it takes 5 hours to download, and it is interrupted at 4 hours 45 minutes, the whole thing has to start again.  This is absolute rubbish.  Almost ALL downloads from other companies resume where they left off.  Come on Apple, surely you have enough of the world’s geniuses to sort this out.  It would save us loads of wasted time and relieve the heavy burden on your servers.

  90. not happy says:

    I have an ipad. The thing that’s annoying is that 3 times I had to download the software for the ipad. The internet is fine on my laptop. When it downloads it says 5-6 hours, and its a long process. Then when it reaches 60 minutes to go it says error. I don’t think apple products sucks. I know it sucks. Going Samsung. At least you don’t wait around waiting for a 5-6hours, repeating the same process over and over. Its not only the ipad its the iphone as well……zzzzzzzzz. P.s. Not happy. Time wasting.

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