Nokia N8 Cloned Playing Nice with iOS: Video

Now you just know that no matter what smartphone comes out sooner or later the cloning guys are going to rip off that handset, and it appears that this is what has now happened with the Nokia N8.

We have a video of the Nokia N8 clone for your viewing pleasure today courtesy of Jay Montano over at My Nokia Blog and by way of YouTube user Folbins, which lasts almost five and a half minutes of taking a look at this knockoff device.

Furthermore not only have the cloners ripped off the Nokia N8 but also have the smartphone running a knockoff version of Apple’s iOS, although this particular rip off version is sporting two buttons on its front which was seen in earlier versions of the Nokia N8.

Anyway just goes to show these rip off merchants will knockoff any device, so head on down, mash that play button and check out the latest cloned handset and OS…enjoy.

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