iPhone Tethering via Nexaria BC2 3G Router Demo Video

While most of the iPhone faithful love tethering their iPhone it does become a bit of a pain if you need to lug around a rather hefty beast of a router to gain that iPhone tether, but if you don’t mind lugging around a separate unit for iPhone tethering there is always the Nexaria BC2 router.

The Nexaria BC2 is the only 3G router that is compatible with the iPhone, and we have a video demo of the Nexaria BC2 in action for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of Tim Stevens over at Engadget and by way of 3G Store.

Apparently the Nexaira BC2 3G router uses an exclusive version of iPhone firmware that enables the router to tether with any iPhone that has iOS 4.0 or above. You do need a tethering plan from AT&T though which will set you back an extra $20 per month.

Of course if you fancy owning the Nexaria BC2 it will set you back a hefty $189. So there you have it, all you need do now in head on down, hit that play button and check out the Nexaris BC2 3G router iPhone tethering demonstration…enjoy.

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