Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab Comparison Battle Video

So what we have here for your viewing pleasure today is a fight between two tablets namely the latest gizmo out of the Apple camp the Apple iPad and Samsung’s rival tablet the Samsung Galaxy Tab doing the comparison battle on video.

The Apple iPad verses the Samsung Galaxy Tab video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Daily iPhone Blog and by way of The Inquirer and delivers seven minutes of getting up close and personal with both tablet devices.

As you are probably aware and the first thing you will note is that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is considerably smaller than the Apple iPad, with the Galaxy Tab measuring 190 x 120 x 12mm and weighs 385 grams, while the Apple iPad measures 243 x 190 x 13.5mm and weighs in at 730 grams so they say that the Samsung Galaxy Tab can easily be hand in the hands while after a while the user needs to place the iPad on a surface.

But other than the obvious size and weight differences just how do these two tablets compare and which device comes out on top? Well to answer those questions you are just going to have to jump down to mash the play button and check out this tablet battle…enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab Comparison Battle Video”

  1. Dan W says:

    In the video you say that you cannot view flash video's and use the iplayer site as an example. I am able to view this on my ipad and a 3 year old itouch so unless recent OS updates have changed something I don't understand why it does not work in your demonstration. Am I missing something here. I have not made any alterations to my ipad or itouch am using standard apple OS

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