Nokia X7-00 Running Need For Speed Demo Video

We have yet another video for your viewing pleasure today and this time round it is the Nokia X7 smartphone running mobile game Need for Speed in a video demonstration which can be viewed below.

The Nokia X7 video comes our way courtesy of Vlad Savov, of Engadget and by way of the guys over at Mobile Bulgaria which lasts one and a half minutes and shows Need for Speed playing nice on the Nokia X7.

Vlad does stipulate though that they aren’t absolutely certain the handset is the Nokia X7 but judging by its “polished, entertainment-centric design,” they are inclined to believe it is the real thing, and sporting four speakers no less.

Other specs reveals are the Nokia X7 runs Symbian^3 and sports an 8 megapixel camera and a 4 inch touch screen, but other than that not much else is known at this stage. So all you need to do now is punch that play button and check out Need for Speed on the Nokia X7-00…enjoy.

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