Upload Profile Pics To Sony’s New Photo Contest Through Facebook App

If you change your profile picture on Facebook several times a week then a new photo competition from Sony might be for you. The Profile Hero contest has a whole bunch of new NEX-5 cameras to reward those who can think creatively with their profile pic.

There are 5 categories for entrants to choose from, each providing a unique challenge to get the perfect profile pic that sets yours apart from the crowd. Every week a winner from each category will be announced and rewarded with a brand-new NEX-5. The competition will run for 4 weeks, meaning that 20 cameras are ready to be awarded to the best and most beloved submissions.

The categories are as follows:

Portrait Poser: For those who love the camera as much as the camera loves them. Get up close and personal to show your posing power.

Sports Star: Whatever your sport, grab the most action-packed and dynamic shot you can manage to make a submission that’s bursting with energy.

Night Owl: Getting into the night-fever, this is the category for party animals. Energetic and offbeat, when the sun goes down, it’s your time to shine.

World Traveller: For the continent-hopping connoisseur who knows an impressive vista or amazing architecture when they see it.

Family Funster: With light-hearted laughs and hopefully no fighting, Family Funster is the category to bring out the best in your nearest and dearest.

Quick and easy to upload through the competition’s Facebook page, simply choose the category that best fits your profile picture, upload it (this takes less than a minute) and finally get as many people as possible to ‘like’ your profile offering. All it takes it 3 clicks to upload your pics.

But don’t think the contest is just for photography geniuses with the best cameras. Creativity and thinking outside the box will go a long way in racking up Facebook ‘likes’ as much as technical ability will. iPhones or smartphones using Android can access and upload their submissions through the Profile Hero Facebook application.

Image via Flickr – Link to Facebook Contest

Source via DeviceMAG

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