Apple iPad 2 Exciting Specs: USB, Gyroscope, FaceTime & Retina

There are many articles online surrounding the Apple iPad 2 and of course these articles do not come without its rumours and today we have a little more speculations in the bag for you to ponder about, this time round it is about new specs that could possibly feature.

Computer World found some very interesting and exciting information via DigiTimes about the new specs that could possibly make its way onto the next generation iPad from Apple, some of the rumoured specifications could include the likes of retina display, USB, FaceTime and gyroscope.

Everyone would love to see the next Apple iPad sporting two cameras, one on the front and one on the back, if this is the case then that means FaceTime feature would be a certainty, like the iPhone 4 the iPad 2 could boast the retina display even though we wish they would consider the Gorilla glass option as it is much stronger.

3-axis gyroscope found on the iPhone 4 could make its way to the iPad 2, which would mean better gameplay, this will give you full motion that would indeed make gameplay even more realistic than it is already on the tablet.

One specification that would stand out the most for us is the new USB feature, at the moment the iPad and the iPhone has the Apple 30-pin dock connector, which come on is a little limited. A micro-USB port would be a much better option to say the least, at the moment according to TiPb Europe is working on making the USB standard a legal requirement so that could be a motivator.

How about a world Apple iPad and have it featuring CDMA/GSM chipset, how about Cortex A9-based processor or 1GB of RAM?

Anyway, as usual these are all rumours until Apple open their mouths and confirms this, but nether the less all the above specs would be a smashing addition that would be most welcome. What are your thoughts on the above speculations?

Just one more question, “If Apple decide to go down the Micro-USB route where would that leave products such as the Apple iPad Keyboard Dock seeing as that has the 30-pin dock connector?” Oh you may wish to check out some USA and UK iPad deals here.


7 thoughts on “Apple iPad 2 Exciting Specs: USB, Gyroscope, FaceTime & Retina”

  1. Santo says:

    What is your position on purchasing the current iPad or waiting for the iPad 2 ? I am planning on purchasing an iPad but down want to find myself with a lesser version.

  2. core says:

    Why would iPad choose mini usb over the dock connector? The main purpose for this connector is charging, if you think you will be able to charge your tablet via mini usb trickle system then good luck.

  3. Artur says:

    I love the ipad, but a front camera is missing.
    The main limitation for me is not USB, is HDMI and output to external monitors or TV's.
    I sure would like to see HDMI in the iPad 2.

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