Samsung Galaxy Tab Activation Bypass How To

The rival tablet to the Apple iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is doing quite well in the mobile space, but most come via a mobile carrier of course and with that comes the usual data plan along with contracts, but if you have managed to acquire a Galaxy Tab without contract or data plan, how do you activate it?

Well apparently there is a way to activate the Samsung Galaxy Tab off contract and without a data plan so you can use the device on WiFi only according to an article over on Intomobile by Marc Flores and by way of Droid-life via Android-life.

So just how does one bypass activation when it comes to the Android toting Samsung Galaxy Tab? It’s quite simple really and here’s how to achieve it in just four simply steps…

First press “Volume UP” once, next press “Volume Down” twice, then “Volume Up” three times followed by pressing “Volume Down” four times and Bob’s your uncle the activation is now bypassed.

Sounds pretty straightforward to me, so if any of our readership happens to snag an un-activated Samsung Galaxy Tab and gives this little bypass how to a go feel free to drop us a line in our comments area to let us know if it does actually work fine.


4 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Tab Activation Bypass How To”

  1. John says:

    Bypass worked first time I tried it on a Verizon Galaxy Tablet. Thanks for the info I have read for some out there they paid for either 1 month contract to activate or just gave in and got 2 year contract. Too bad they did not check online for free code.

  2. Yesha says:

    Hi I’ve samsung galaxy S4 and I want to use it can u plz tell me how to unlock it as I insert the sim it’s says it’s network locked?
    Plz help

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