Apple iPad for Free from Softbank

Now wouldn’t everyone just love to be able to get the Apple iPad as a free device? Well if you happen to live in Japan the word is you can now pick up the Apple iPad as a free device from Softbank as Softbank Mobile has announced a new pricing plan for Apple’s tablet.

According to an article over on Engadget by Darren Murph, in the land of the rising sun, Softbank Mobile is making the 16GB Apple iPad WiFi plus 3G model a free device when signing up for the usual two year data term.

Apparently although the iPad has been offered as free before this time round the device carries no monthly surcharge, which basically means rather than actually paying for the iPad over that 2 year term the customer gets the device for zero as long as they are ok with handing over ¥4725 per month, which is roughly $56.

Potential customers in Japan can take advantage of this new Apple iPad plan from Softbank Mobile as of the 3rd of December, and no doubt offering the iPad for free will go down well with customers and make the new plan quite a success, lucky Japanese.

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