World AIDS Day 2010 Around The World: Global Status Edition iOS App

Today is World AIDS day and this happens on December 1 every year and we wanted to tell you about an iOS app for your Apple device called ‘AIDS: Global Status 2010 edition’, we hope this app is of interest to you.

AIDS: Global Status app is part of the GIDEON eBook series that summarizes the status of the individual infectious disease in every country around the world, this app data relies on peer-review journals, standard text books, Health Ministry reports and ProMED, supplemented by an ongoing search of the medical literature.

Apps Main Features Include: Several fonts and themes to choose from, Built-in dictionary, Full book text search, The ability to add annotations, Zoom function for images and screenshots, Landscape view, Extensive cross-referencing and working hyperlinks.

The App consists of five chapters that include: Descriptive epidemiology, Summary of clinical features, Global status of the disease, Status of the disease in a specific country and References.

For more information about AIDS: Global Status 2010 edition iOS app please visit iTunes, this app is price at £8.99. If you have any comments please do share them in the area provided below.

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