Canadian Regulator Rules All Telecoms Providers Must Become Members

If you are over in Canada and have been experiencing bad mobile phone service you will soon have someone to vent your anger at and make a formal complaint about that bad mobile phone service no matter which provider you are with.

According to an article over on The Globe and Mail, for the first time, the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services has issued a ruling at the end of a regulatory hearing rather than waiting the normal 120 days.

And that ruling is that all Canadian telecoms providers have to become members of the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services whereas previously only companies with a minimum of $10 million in annual revenues were required to be members.

In the past year in excess of 40,000 Canadians complained to the CCTS, however many of those complaints were outside the CCTS mandate simply because the companies which the complaints were made about were not members.

The three largest providers in Canada, Rogers, Telus and BCE are all members of CCTS and argued that mandatory membership should be placed on all telecoms providers no matter what size they are. So there you have it if you use a small telecoms provider and have a complaint it will now be dealt with by the CCTS.

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