Google Reader Android App: Multiple Accounts, Sync Feeds

Have you got the new Google Reader App yet? Google giants have recently released the nice, cool fresh app for Android phones and the best bit has to be it is free and comes with many more features. Hope your still here reading this?

The new app features multiple accounts, synced preferences, search and full subscription features, which means you can now subscribe and search from your Android handset.

Google Reader allows you the user to add RSS feeds from several different resources and read them in one browser window, you will also be allowed to sync your feeds from any existing Google Reader account and access more features. It is as simple as one app several accounts.

Google has even added a few key shortcuts for easy navigation within the user interface of the app, other features include: via TechTree

  • Long-press on a folder or subscription for contextual menu to rename, unsubscribe or change folders
  • Volume-key navigation: if you enable this in the settings, you can navigate by using your phone’s volume keys for next and previous
  • Hit Menu key on an individual item to use the “send” feature which integrates with other apps for sending that item via any third-party app

This app works with Google Android 2.0 Donut or higher, if you already have the new Google Reader App please do let us know what you think of it, your comments are important to us
Google Reader App is available for free and is compatible with phones running.

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