Inconspicuous Cigarette Pack Mobile Phone Jammer

There are times such as in a conference or business meeting when a mobile phone goes off and causes interruption, or if you’re at the movies and a phone rings, whatever the reason there are times when you don’t want yours or anyone else’s mobile to be an interruption.

This is where mobile phone jammers can come into play, but most jammers don’t look that inconspicuous; however according to an article over on Ubergizmo there is a mobile phone jammer that looks like an ordinary pack of cigarettes.

Apparently the Cigarette Pack Cellphone Jammer is the smallest in the world and is capable of jamming several mobile frequencies such as 3G signals, GSM and more within a radius of 32 feet although you should find out if cellphone jammers are actually legal in your area.

So if you are in need of a mobile phone jammer, the Cigarette Pack cellphone jammer can be purchased from Chinavasion at a cost of $46, anyone care to give it a go?

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