Android HTC Desire Playing Nice with World of Warcraft: Video

We have a video demonstration for gamers today of the hugely popular cloud based multiplayer role play game World of Warcraft actually running on the Android OS packing HTC Desire smartphone.

The World of Warcraft playing nice on the HTC Desire video demo comes our way courtesy of Ross Miller over at Engadget, and by way of Gamestring who streamed World of Warcraft to the HTC Desire and lasts almost three minutes.

Apparently Gamesrting used their unique “Dual-mode Delivery” to stream World of Warcraft over the web and used a custom user interface for the Android HTC Desire, and the results can be seen below.

Gamestring call it Gaming 3.0, so all you mobile gamers out there can now skip on down to hit that play button and check out World of Warcraft on the HTC Desire, and feel free to share your thoughts in our comments area…enjoy.

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