Android Sharp ISO3 Released in Japan

A new Android smartphone has now been made available over in Japan by KDDI and is the Sharp ISO3, the Android 2.1 packing mobile handset which has already been captured on video, (here)

According to an article over on AndroidOS by Gaurav Shukla, Takashi Tanaka, a senior VP of KDDI said…“When looking at cases with other carriers, many customers have regular cell phones and use smart phones as a second phone. So some users would naturally think that it would be nice if one phone takes care of everything.”

The Sharp ISO3 does come with 3 interesting features though; one-seg digital TV broadcasts, infrared, and an e-wallet function along with its 3.5 inch touch screen, 9.6 megapixel CCD auto-focus camera and monochromatic memory LCD which displays the time of new notifications.

No word on if the Sharp ISO3 Android handset will every see the light of day outside Japan though nor is there any word on how much the device costs, but apparently the Sharp ISO3 will be gaining the Android 2.2 Froyo update sometime in the future.


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