Mac App Store Release Date: Steve Jobs Pushing It

Everyone loves rumours especially when it surrounds Apple and Steve Jobs, but this time round the Mac App Store release seems to be on track and that means this may not be a rumour at all but fact.

The rumour according to MacRumors reports that the new Apple Mac App Store could release December 13 (On a Monday); Steve Jobs has been pushing for an early release and is ahead of schedule.

If all is true that means one week from today the Mac App Store will open its doors for all Mac users, we all know that the App Store for iOS products is very popular indeed and with this release about to happen Apple will dominate without a single doubt.

There has been no official announcement as of yet but we will keep you posted, if the date above is correct then expect an announcement very soon. Please join us on Twitter and Facebook for updates or join our RSS Feed

Do you think Apple will release the Mac App Store on December 13? Please do post all your comments in the area provided below.

Source – UberGizmo

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