Android Gingerbread Requires 1GHz Processor Claims LG

Facebook can be a fountain of knowledge for tech readers in the smartphone world with most if not all smartphone makers having a Facebook page where they often given out snippets of info on devices, but shouldn’t they make sure those snippets are true before posting as if it is an untruth then someone is going to pick up on it.

This has happened with a recent post from Optimus range maker LG whereby according to an article over on Engadget by Chris Ziegler, LG USA Mobile was asked by a reader on Facebook when the Optimus One will see an update to Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

In reply to the question LG said, “So, the Optimus line won’t be getting the Gingerbread update because they have a 600MHz processor, and the minimum requirements for Gingerbread require 1 GHz processor. In other words: it’s not possible to update the processor, unfortunately.”

However, the lead at Android, Dan Morrill set the record straight by using his Twitter account and tweated…”there’s no hard minimum processor requirement for Gingerbread… trust me, if there were I’d know.”

Which means LG has told a straight up in your face lie about Gingerbread not being able to come to the Optimus range of devices or whoever runs the Facebook updates doesn’t know what they are talking about, either way there seems to be some deception coming from LG, but if they have no intensions of updating their Optimus handsets to Gingerbread then they should have just come right out and said so, although doing so may lead to less sales.

Having said that, if a smartphone maker is willing to openly lie about an operating system update, and a lie that would obviously be found out, will potential customers trust that manufacturer in future?

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