Logitech S715i Rechargeable Speaker for IOS Devices

It has been announced by Logitech India the launch of a new rechargeable speaker the S715i which is a portable speaker dock made for either your iPhone or your iPod.

Thanks to a recent article over at indiainfoline.com the Logitech contains a very bold sound which you can transport with ease with you as it is a portable device which features some eight custom designed speaker drivers.

The battery should last you eight hours and the portable device has been described by some a having a beautiful look and the sound of a beast. It is said to bring all your music drams to life and will deliver you with a crisp audio.

The Logitech S715i also boasts a wireless remote control which allows you to be in command with functions including power, volume, play, pause and shuffle to name just a few. The S715i is compatible with your iPhone or iPod as the speaker has been certified through the Made for iPod and iPhone programs.

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