Most Weird and Pathetic iPhone Accessories: iFan

The iPhone has already had it’s fair share of powered charging as we are aware, even some hand driven adapters have turned up amongst the rest, some would say this is weird some would say even pathetic what’s your opinion.

It would seem that alternative power is something that is becoming more and more important to us in our every day lives. A recent article from the guys over at iphonedownloadblog.com shares more.

We now have the iFan to look forward to, thanks to inventor Tieerd Veenhoven you can now look forward to a wind adapter also. Appropriately named the iFan it is a device which is the result of a PC computer fan which has been modified.

It has a nice soft feel cover which fits comfortably around your iPhone so when the wind blows your iPhone goes as simple as that. It has been said the it should take approx 6 hours to fully charge your iPhone although the inventor claims that this can be improved with just a few adjustments within the fans design.

Over to you now, is this a product that you are interested in? Would you actually use on your iPhone? or Is it a cool accessory or just weird and pathetic. Please do watch the video provided below via YouTube.

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