Apple iPad Used for Sales Pitching to Doctors

The Apple iPad has been somewhat of a success for Apple amongst everyday folk, but what about when it comes to the business sector? Well giving Apple that crucial foot in the door of the business sector, medical companies are handing thousands of Apple iPad units to their sales people so those sales reps can pitch better to doctors.

According to an article over on the Wall Street Journal, by Jon Kamp and Roger Cheng, some companies within the medical and drug arena state they are testing out the Apple iPad while Boston Scientific Corp, Medtronic Inc, and Abbot Laboratories have already made the move to using the Apple iPad.

Apparently Apple’s darling tablet delivers new way to “display product information or surgical-implant techniques,” while also helping eliminate wasted time on issues that “don’t drive sales.” The Apple iPad’s quick startup time means the sales reps can get straight to their presentation before doctors have the chance of losing interest.

Medtronic’s chief information officer, Mike Hedges said in an interview, “[The iPad] enables our sales employees to do a much better job of engaging in a really different way than we’ve done before.” The company recently purchased 4500 Apple iPad units for its marketing and sales team.

So it would appear that the Apple iPad is making some headway at least within the medical selling profession, but with the Apple iPad being such a big success in the public arena do Apple really need to push into the business sector other than to make even more huge profits?

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