Verizon 3G Network Outage: Did you Lose Droid Coverage?

We are calling out to all those that experienced problems with the Verizon 3G outage, the Verizon 3G network went down nationwide according to sources below and this caused major problems for users.

If you visit the Verizon Forums you will see that many Droid users had problems with the network and according to Engadget it is not your hardware it is all down to your carrier’s wireless connection.

Has this just happened to Droid owners only or all Verizon phone owners? Many of you have experienced the loss of connection and engineers are on the ball trying to fix the issue and we will give you updates as of when we receive them. Some regions have been restored with some still having the down time.

If you own a Droid mobile phone please do let us know if you are back up and running or you still cannot connect.

This has led us to think about the Verizon iPhone, as you know Verizon has many phones now and the new one coming soon is the Apple iPhone and many have speculated that AT&T needs to have something special on the way as not to lose their customer base to Verizon. Do many AT&T customers experience 3G downtime?

Now we are in the UK so obviously we cannot test Droid smartphones to see if there are problems and that is why we are calling out to all Verizon users to come forward and let us know if you had or still have problems. Please use the comments area below.

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9 thoughts on “Verizon 3G Network Outage: Did you Lose Droid Coverage?”

  1. cpaul says:

    The author of this article needs to keep in mind that COVERAGE is one of the main differences between ATT and Verizon. ATT's 3G coverage is sparse as compared to Verizon's. The best example I have is my own home town. When ATT started selling the first 3G iphone, my good-sized college town did not even have 3G coverage. Question is: WHY buy a 3G device in a town where there is no 3G service ???!!!

  2. Edward says:

    Did experience a problem Tuesday night but was back up next morning. I’m located about 30 miles northeast of Dallas Texas. I did speak with Verizon tech support and it was confirmed the system was down. I have the delis x.

  3. Father Time says:

    It was a Verizon wireless data network outage only. Voice was fine. My Windows OS smartphone lost Internet during the outage. Happened again at 2:30 AM EST today. I suspect Verizon is shutting down data to retrofit towers for 4G. But no thanks for the warning, Verizon. I smell a class action suit waiting to happen.

  4. Mark says:

    Had an outage from 10 PM to 3 AM in San Diego. No data

    for the Droid or miwi2200. Since then, 3g service is spotty

    or absent. Lots of fallback to 1x-RTT. Audio streaming is

    useless on 1x. Voice and text stayed in service. Not getting

    a good value for the money on my data plan since Dec 5th.

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