Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update for LG Optimus One: Really?

There are many asking the question if the LG Optimus One smartphone will be getting the new Android 2.3 Gingerbread update, well there are a few details covering this so please read on.

LG has been getting a lot of customers asking the above question and at last there is a little light at the end of the tunnel, LG Optimus One users were a little upset that their handset will not be receiving the update via Facebook and now LG is looking into updating the handset with Android 2.3.

Well it seems after all the mayhem the LG Optimus One handset WILL get the update, not too sure when but it will happen s be patient. If you own this smartphone please do post all your comments about why you want the new update so bad.

Just so you know how popular the LG Optimus One is Android Guys reports that LG has sold more than 2 million units just 65 days after it was released, did LG sell more because they announced that they would be upgrading the handset to Gingerbread? Makes you wonder.

Please do have a little watch of the LG Optimus One being unboxed courtesy of Phandroid via YouTube below this article.

Source — Android Central via GforGames


3 thoughts on “Android 2.3 Gingerbread Update for LG Optimus One: Really?”

  1. dahlia says:

    Ok Honestly I am not so satisfied with this phone…even though I have been getting only positive feedback from everyone even my brother who has been using it before me. But personally I encountered many glitches and dawbacks, like the battery life. I had for only a few days so I hope this will be fixed even if I hae to replace it. I dunno why I charge the battery att evening and wake up the next day and it’s empty.

    Also if the battery is low the touch screen gets dsfunctional and u would have to power it off, at least in my case. It is very sensitive I find. some touch buttons are so easily turned on so f you dont want to be charged extra money you have to be careful the 3G button can be accidentally turned on by a slight touch.

    I had crazy trouble with text messaging too and I called the server and told me you had to restart your phone.

    the apps are tempting, and I agree some are very cool like you can a few nice game ane even whole books for free, BUT mos apps require connection to the net so if you are stuck somewhere with no free WiFi you can’t use them.

    Personally I don’t think browsing the net from this phone is that worth it unless you need to check an emergency email.

    Touch keyboard is annying and is sensitive to the fifth of a milimeter, not exagerate. Or Im not used to it yet.

    Other than this I just hope I WOULD get used to it and like end end up likeing it, because it looks good and is less bulky (and way less expensive) than an iPhone and I love some of the apps that I can;t get from elsewhere.

    I am not sure about the pc suite but so far it didnt work with me and that is sad because I’d like to upload things from my computer to it, but it seems I can’t (or dont know how)

    If anyone is having a good experience with this phone please help me if you have some solution to my above mentionned problems.

    on a scale of 1-5 I would give it a 3, and that only because I have seen worse.

    I can;t say buy it or don’t buy it it really depends what you’re looking for.

  2. rba2753199 says:

    Great little phone but oh the battery life,I read Gingerbread will extend this,let’s hope so,I travel with an emergency charger power pack now.

  3. Anonymous says:

    you can download the app called juicedefender it works really good sometimes i dont have to charge my phone till the next day. i have the lg optimus m and a guy that works at verizon told me download it. he said it takes up to a week to start working but it helped me a lot

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