Vodafone Australia Misleading Ads Claim by Optus

On November the 16th, Vodafone launched their “Infinite” mobile phone plans which they said are a viable alternative to a fixed line due to offering unlimited calls to fixed and mobile phones at a cost of $45 per month; however Optus alleges Vodafone’s advertising is misleading.

Thus according to an article over on Smh by Lucy Battersby, Optus claims the advertising is misleading because Vodafone hasn’t “adequately disclosed qualifications to the plans in its advertising.” Therefore Optus is to file a complaint in the Federal Court in Sydney today.

A spokesperson for Optus said…”Optus alleges the campaign does not adequately inform consumers of the various qualifications to the Infinite plans. We are seeking an interim injunction preventing Vodafone Hutchison Australia from running the campaign in its current form until such time as a final hearing can take place.”

With Vodafone Infinite the company offers “untariffed” calls to landline numbers and mobiles along with access to social networking site however international calls are charged and access to other websites is metered.

Vodafone’s response to Optus’ claim is ”We disagree with Optus’s claims against Vodafone and our Infinite plans and will defend those plans with protecting customer value in mind.”


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