Apple iPad and iPhone Freeview Mobile TV by Tizi

If you are the proud owner of an iOS device such as the iPhone and Apple iPad and enjoy watching and recording Freeview TV you can now do so on your chose iOS device with the help of a little accessory and free app from Tizi .

According to an article over on Stuff TV, Tizi’s little mobile gadget has been dubbed “Europe’s first mobile TV hotspot,” which means the device can transfer digital TV signals over WiFi right to your Apple iPad and Apple iPhone.

There is also an application that needs to be downloaded so the user can record television programs on their iOS device which can then be played back on your device or copied over via iTunes to your computer. To get the free Tizi TV app you’ll need to visit the Tizi website and enter a 12 digit code which is on the instruction booklet.

The Tizi mobile TV hotspot can be recharged by USB and the battery apparently delivers up to 3.5 hours of TV on the move. The Tizi Mobile TV hotspot can be purchased from Equinux at a cost of £149.95 and an extra battery is available for £19.95.

If you are an Android fan and are hoping to grab some Tizi hotspot mobile TV for your device for now you are out of luck as Electrip Pig reports that the director of marketing and PR for Equinux Christian Dallmayer has said the company has traditionally centred on Apple products and has no plans to make an Android version.

We have a quick demo video of Tizi TV running on both the iPhone and Apple iPad for your viewing pleasure below courtesy of YouTube user Hakanturka, although not in English but you do get an idea of how thing work, so hit that play button and check it out.


3 thoughts on “Apple iPad and iPhone Freeview Mobile TV by Tizi”

  1. Chris says:

    What is the matter with watching via Catchup TV (ipad.tvcatchup.com), which I do all the time, with no need to buy any accessory. It works over wifi or 3G.

  2. John says:

    And it's rubbish!!

    I just returned mine to my local Apple store, having got 0% signal nearly everywhere and on the one occasion I did get 100% (out in the car), even though it found the channels, playback was unwatchable as it was juddering and pixellated.

    Clearly, the antenna is not up to the job!!

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