iPhone 4 Cases: OtterBox Impact, Commuter & Defender Series

Own an iPhone 4 and want a different protection case other than the Apple bumper case for your iOS device? Then why not consider an OtterBox case as OtterBox have 3 series of cases for your iPhone 4 in a new range of colours.

According to an article over on Mobiletor, there is the OtterBox Impact series, OtterBox Commuter series and OtterBox Defender Series, so let’s take a quick look at each of these series for the iPhone 4…

First of is the OtterBox Impact Series, which features a compression moulded silicone shell with a spray coating that protects against the collection of lint and also features a self-adhering screen protector while the home, volume and power buttons are protected by silicone, and the Impact case series comes with a mocro-fibre cleaning cloth and costs $19.95.

Then there’s the OtterBox Commuter Series for the iPhone 4, which deliver s 2 layers of protection, a polycarbonate shell and silicone skin, and as a third layer of protection includes a self-adhering screen protector and delivers a slim form factor that has a smooth outer layer, and costs $34.95.

Then there’s the OtterBox Defender Series, which again offers 3 layers of protection, a touch polycarbonate shell, silicone jacket and polycarbonate screen protector, and come with a holster type belt swivel clip and protects against dust, shock, drops and bumps but not water, and costs $49.95.

Curt Richardson, the CEO and Founder of OtterBox has said…“With the new case color options for iPhone 4 we’re able to deliver quality products that match the different styles and personalities of our customers. OtterBox not only brings individuality to the device, but also provides trusted protection for varying lifestyles.”

We have an instruction video for both the Commuter and Defender series cases for the iPhone 4 from OtterBox and a review video of the Impact series case from YouTube user theunits3 for your viewing pleasure below just so you can check them out before purchasing an OtterBox series case, so head on down and mash those play buttons and enjoy.

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