Verizon iPhone May Deliver Meagre Increased Sales

In what would seem to be somewhat of a meagre estimation, it has been estimated that once Apple delivers the much talked about CDMA version iPhone known as the Verizon iPhone to the Big Red network, the number one carrier in the US will see sales rise by just 14 percent.

According to an article over on Gadget Venue, a research note provided to Apple Insider has Piper Jaffary analyst Gene Munster saying that he “expects Apple to sell just 2.5 million additional iPhones in the US by adding Verizon as a carrier early next year, bringing 2011’s US iPhone sales to 20 million, with Verizon’s sales largely coming at the expense of AT&T.”

Munster believes that AT&T would shift 15.6 million iPhone units in 2011 if the Verizon iPhone wasn’t released; however with Verizon getting their version of the iconic iPhone Munster reckons AT&T will shift 11 million and Verizon will shift 9 million iPhones, although he does say that the estimation “may be conservative.”

According to a recent report on Fortune by Philip Elmer-DeWitt, however, other analysts have predicted that there will be lesser sales of a Verizon iPhone at launch.

Whatever the case may be, analysts only estimate and can sometimes get it wrong, my personal view is the Verizon iPhone can only be good for Verizon, Apple and customers, although maybe not so good for AT&T, but then AT&T have had their chance and it’s about time Apple opened up the iPhone to more carriers in the states.

What do our readers think on this matter, do you think the Verizon iPhone will sell and sell well, or do you think the iPhone on the Verizon network may struggle make large enough sales?


2 thoughts on “Verizon iPhone May Deliver Meagre Increased Sales”

  1. Bevery Claree says:

    If Verizon sells the iPhone I will jump from my 20+ yr AT&T loyalty in a heartbeat…and I usually move with the masses. 9 million leaving AT&T sounds conservative.

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