Apple iBook Store Approved for Canada

iPhone giant Apple has been looking to offer an Apple iBook store over in the great white space of Canada, and have been waiting for approval of such to come from the Canadian government, which were reviewing the request as Michaelle Jean, the Governor General, under section 15 of the Investment in Canada act asked for a review of Apple’s bookstore.

However, according to an article over on Digital Home, the Canadian government after said review has come to the conclusion that an Apple owned bookstore would be beneficial to Canadian customers and shouldn’t lead to “the downfall of Canada’s cultural heritage or nation identity.”

Although there is a little catch that Apple will have to agree to if they wish to offer books in Canada for use on the iPhone and Apple iPad devices and that catch is Apple has to commit to the promotion of Canadian authors and also stock books by aboriginal publishers and authors.

But is doesn’t stop there as furthermore Apple has to agree to several other agreements like delivering “Assistance to Canadian publishers in streamlining processes of e-book creation and enhancement.”

According to an article over on CBC Canada, Canadian Heritage Minister James Moore has said… “Apple has demonstrated how iBookstore Canada represents new opportunities for Canadian authors and publishers, and I have determined that this investment will be of net benefit to Canada.”

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