T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Tab Price Drop: Will Apple Follow Suit

This festive season you might be in the market for a mobile tablet whether it be an Apple iPad or a Samsung Galaxy Tab or other, however if you are looking for a tablet with a reasonable price tag attached you just might want to now consider the Samsung Galaxy Tab from T-Mobile.

According to an article over on Information Week by Eric Zeman, back in November T-Mobile offered the Samsung Galaxy Tab at $399 after an instant rebate of $200; however T-Mobile has now dropped that price if you purchase online only by a further $50 bringing the price down to $349.

Of course to get the Samsung Galaxy Tab for that lower online price the customer will be required to pen their name to a new 2 year T-Mobile agreement, but if you want the Galaxy Tab at the reduced option T-Mobile appears to be the carrier to opt for.

Verizon offer the Samsung Galaxy Tab off contract for $599 while AT&T offer the same for $649 while Sprint’s off contract price is $599 or $399 with a 2 year agreement, so it does look like T-Mobile has the lowest price for the Samsung Galaxy Tab at the moment but remember when taking into account data plans it can alter that price.

Apparently T-Mobile lowered the asking price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab sometime last week and rivals have been slow to match their lower price, but T-Mobile has done it at the right time to grab more festive season sales.

So with this in mind, and knowing that all carriers want to grab as many sales during the run up to Christmas, do you think Apple might challenge T-Mobile for tablet custom by following suit and lowering the asking price of the Apple iPad? Now wouldn’t that be a nice festive season surprise.

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