Android Gingerbread Google Nexus S Review Video

If you are pondering picking up the latest smartphone out of the Google guys camp this festive season, namely the Samsung manufactured Google Nexus S, what you need is a review of the smartphone so you can way up the device before splashing out your hard earned cash.

Thus we have a review video of the Google Nexus S smartphone courtesy of the guys over at Daily Mobile with the review being done by the guys over at Phone Arena and delivers an eleven minute review of the first Android 2.3 Gingerbread toting handset which shares a fair bit of similarity with the Samsung Galaxy S.

Naturally if you wish an in-dept written review along with numerous images you can also check out the Google Nexus S review over on Phone Arena website, but if you haven’t got the time for the full review then skip on down and mash that play button.

As you are probably aware, the Google Nexus S is available via Best Buy across the US on T-Mobile 2 year contract that commands a price tag of $200 or unlocked Nexus S for $529. So all you need to do now is check out that Google Nexus S video review below…enjoy.


One thought on “Android Gingerbread Google Nexus S Review Video”

  1. andy p says:

    There are better phones out there than this one. The hardware is completely disapointing. Sorry Google and Samsung…this is just another high end phone but is missing an SD card slot, not to mention no HD video recording and not forgetting no led notifications. Just a 5megapixel camera and crappy cheap plastic feel. I suggest people wait for the LG star which is the first dual core processor handset to be released .

    For now the HTC desire HD trumps this phone in many ways

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